your story ian

As a child I would play games of doctors and nurses or show me yours and I’ll show you mine with the girl next door and school friends. No doubt there may be many other children doing the same. It has nothing to do with nudity, just some slightly wicked childhood fun. But I took it further. I got naked when home alone or in the woods near my house. I didn’t recognise that as nudity, Just something I liked doing.

As an adult I sunbathed naked in my garden or in quiet public landscaped areas. I got pleasure from it but did not understand why. I also took a keen interest in the nude in art. I collected art work, read up about the Old Masters, attended life-drawing classes and carved statuettes of nudes. My home is now something of an art gallery. I gardened naked in hidden parts of my garden and visited the nude beach at Brighton. But all this time I hadn’t heard of nudism or Naturism. I didn’t recognise that I was indeed a want-to-be-nudist and didn’t admit it even to myself.

Then in my mid sixties, about five years ago, I joined TrueNudists and discovered the world of nudity. I discovered that there are many other nudists like me. I like being naked and I like looking at other nudists. That I knew already. It was nothing sexual and I didn’t know why I like it. But I did now know that there are many others like me. I decided that, if I wanted to see others naked I should let them see me naked too. So I started a gallery which has now become fairly large. I wanted to get to know my fellow nudists so I told everyone something about myself in the hope I would get some response. I got a lot of encouragement from others on the site. Within months I found a nudist guest house in sunny Portugal. I went on my first ever nudist holiday, alone and full of foreboding. I needn’t have worried. I got such a warm welcome and enjoyed myself so much that I have never looked back.

I find nudists are open and very friendly. When naked in nude company we behave much as we would when clothed – chatting, eating drinking etc. together but without clothes. It is totally natural. I have made real friends through that guest house and directly from the TrueNudist website. These are friends I go on holiday with or visit. Now I’m naked whenever I can, at home, in my garden, at nearby events, in the countryside and on holiday. Maybe I’m overdoing it as I’ve had 10 nudist holidays this year and have three more to come. Four of them are at that guest house and it is in a very nude-friendly part of Portugal. There is such a variety of things to do from hiking naked in the Alps to boating to the fleshpots of Cap d’Agde. But mostly My holidays are spent sunbathing, walking in the countryside and swimming. They are all good ways to get into nudity.

It’s such a pity I wasted so much of my life denying my latent nudism. Now I’m making up for lost time. Everyone around me knows I’m a nudist and sees it as just another aspect of my interesting life. Nobody can tell you why it is so good being a nudist. Is it the freedom, the openness, being with nature or whatever? I don’t think any of us really know. It is too deep. For me I have discovered my real self. And, like Marmite, some love it while others hate it. Try it and find out for yourself.