natural beauty

Hi friends,

Buck here with a little essay on natural beauty.

Before I became a nudist and a naturist myself, growing up a textile, I had never heard of the term “naturist”. Well, being a nudist for some time, I really came to discover what naturism really is.

First of all, the root of the word, NATURE. Our human bodies are natural, how we were born, our human nature. Yes, we are obviously nudists, but we naturists are nudists that keep in mind—our naked state is our natural state. It’s not covered up by artificial coverings (a.k.a. clothes), it’s just who we really are. And as we come to respect who we really are, we in turn apply this philosophy as part of our daily lives.

Just as plants and trees are beautiful and admired for their glory, so are we. You hear some people say, there’s no such thing as natural beauty? They’re wrong, my friend. How can there be no such thing as natural beauty when there’s beautiful nature all around us? It does not take lots of effort for a tree to look like it does—that’s the way it grew naturally. Well it’s the same with us—our human bodies, both male and female, no matter your color, orientation, ethnicity, whatever—our bodies are also beautiful. When we were created, we were seen as beautiful and perfect.

Taking advantage of the naked body as a sexual object? That’s not natural. That’s part of what society has taught us—it’s not part of our natural instinct. The reason why a lot of people don’t understand naturism is because too many people are married on this terrible myth. The male penis, the female vulva, breasts, buttocks, they’re not sex objects, and therefore should not be treated like so. They are just natural parts of our bodies with basic, everyday functions, just like our mouths, our hands, our eyes, our feet, and so on.

So now that I know what a naturist really is, especially after almost a year of proudly living this way, I know this is how I plan to live the rest of my life. I may not have a “perfect” body from what fashion consultants may say, but this is me and I am okay with not being “perfect.” My body is beautiful, it’s part of how I was meant to live on this earth when I was brought into it, and I enjoy the freedom I get when I don’t have to cover up who I really am. Nobody should have to cover up—all bodies are beautiful and shouldn’t have to be covered up. Celebrate who you really are, and not who you’re not.

Stay nude,