Your NudeOn Story Fabien

I guess for me my first foray into naturism was when we used to go to visit my aunt in uncle in Connecticut in the U.S.

I must have been about eight when one day I went outside to go to the river below their property and go fishing. Upon my return to the house I caught my uncle up in a ladder painting the siding butt naked!

Well, I ran into the house to tell my mother and aunt. My aunt simply said that that was what my uncle did and that he was a naturist. I now realize that every time my uncle was in the house all he was ever in were his boxers and nothing else. He didn’t parade around the house in the nude while guests were around.

Later, in the summer I turned fourteen my neighbor and I went bike riding in the country and happened to go skinny dipping in the river. From then on that summer, we did it any chance we could get.

When I go visit family and friends on vacation in Montreal one of my best friends took me to a gay naturist campground about six years ago. This was the first time I had ever gone anywhere where clothing was not required.

Four years ago I was a closet naturist at home. Whenever I had a chance I would be naked in my art studio while my husband was in another part of the house doing his own thing. I would always sneak clothes back on if he happened to come by. This was four years ago.

Certainly we would go to our local nude beach. I would be on our blanket nude while he was in his t-shirt and underwear. Gradually, I started sitting outside during the summer hidden away from prying eyes and simply enjoy the sun with a nice beverage all the while in the nude.

After the hard winter we had last year I finally had to have a lengthy discussion with my husband that naturism did not equate into sex.

By the spring of this year I finally stopped hiding in my studio to be nude and walked around the house and did my daily routine in the nude. I have never felt so free.

This year has been a great year where I have joined a Naturist Group and met over the summer for skinny dipping. One of my former co-workers became interested in naturism and we have met up a few times to simply hang out.

So that’s my story. This has been one of the happiest years I can remember. I certainly recommend to anyone who has never tried naturism to give it a shot.

Be Free and Naked