what's your story

Hi friends!

It’s Buck, founder of Clothing Optional. If you have been following this page for some time, many of you may know my story about how I got into becoming a nudist/naturist and why I enjoy this way of life. Well I am also interested in learning some of your stories. Just as I got some of our Twitter/Tumblr followers involved with helping submitting their pictures as part of my #NudeOn meme campaign, I am continuing to find new ways to get our Clothing Optional community involved with better positively promoting nudism/naturism, and even how to better help grow our community.

How long have you been a nudist? How did you get into it? What do you love most about shedding your clothes? What’s your favorite activity to do in your birthday suit? Why do you think more people should get into nudism/naturism? These are just some of the topics you could touch upon—overall, I think if we share some of our stories about our experiences with nudism/naturism and why we love it, we can get more people in the community involved and maybe even attract new people into the clothes-free way of life.

If you’re interested in contributing your story, message me your story on Tumblr, or DM me on Twitter, and I’ll send you along my contact info so you can send yours along. I’d love to hear your story and share it with our community! Again, men and women of all ages are welcome to take part. What I do ask from everyone is at least include your first name, where you’re from, a pic (doesn’t have to be of your whole body if you don’t want, face shots are OK, or even if not your face, some kind of pic to identify you–just NO porn or dick pics please), and how long you have been a nudist. Hope to hopefully hear some of your stories soon!

Have fun, and nude on!