Well, the home stretch has arrived for the remaining eight survivalists on Naked and Afraid XL! With 37 days, the two groups got ready to leave Piranha Lake and take the long trek across the savannah to the Orinoco River and to their island extraction point. And it definitely wasn’t easy.

First of all, I thought it was a little disheartening how Jeff and E.J., as they told the other six they were going to continue to go on alone, that they wanted to continue a two-man team of strong guys who didn’t want to be pulled back by the weaker bunch. That hurt, how would you feel if somebody said that to you? I can understand how hurt Eva felt, especially knowing how good of friends she became with Jeff after their first N&A adventure in Madagascar.

I am glad that both teams ended up making it first of all across the Piranha Lake, and caught up again on the Orinoco shore, and it was great that even though the rest of the sextet seemed now resentful to Jeff and E.J., Eva took the initiative to talk to Jeff and E.J. and got the predicament cleared up. I’m glad the two guys meant nothing personal against the sextet strength-wise or emotionally, and I also thought it was right that Eva was nice enough to share part of the septet’s caiman they caught with E.J. and Jeff.

Finally when the two groups made it across the Orinoco river, I liked how E.J. and Jeff worked hard to make a log raft and paddle across, but again it took them too far over and it took longer to catch up to the other six. The sextet of Chris, Eva, Laura, Danielle, Alana and Luke made a good effort of making that makeshift boardrunner, and swimming across. It was also so cool how the dolphins were swimming with them, very cool and very rewarding, knowing it’s almost over, and like Laura said, I feel like it was a “celebration” of making it to the end of their journey. It was great to finally see the two teams get extracted and reunite without any prejudice.

And I also could especially could understand how happy E.J. was, as he cried while talking to the camera about how happy he was to be reunited with his family. That’s a real man right there, real men cry and show emotions. Plus, it’s just great how E.J. (and also Laura) especially completed the Naked and Afraid journey THREE TIMES IN A ROW NOW, that’s just badass! I’m proud of everyone who made it through the 40-day journey on Naked and Afraid XL—and I know Jeff was especially also happy to get back and like he said about what he wanted when he got back, I hope he enjoyed a good, hearty bacon cheeseburger—he deserves it. Everyone deserves a great celebration of their accomplishments in this challenge, it was a great show, I hope Discovery does something like this again.