this is me

Hey friends,

Recently, somebody just wrote a blog post about my recent message sign/meme about #NoBodyShame, trying to accuse me of lying about being a nudist and having body shame just because I do not have a lot of “pictures that show my face” and not full nudity all over my Clothing Optional internet platforms, and I’m supposedly “setting a bad example”. The link is below.

That is absolutely BOGUS. Just because I keep a low profile and don’t have millions of pictures of myself completely naked for the whole world to see makes me a liar in any way? Or ashamed of who I truly am or who anybody else is? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

For those who have been with me from the beginning, I have been an open nudist since last November, and I have been proud to live the clothing-optional lifestyle ever since. I believe strongly in people not having to shame their bodies because of how fat or thin or fit or unfit they may be–everybody is beautiful in his or her own way. What I mean by #NoBodyShame is being proud of who you as a person, who you truly are in your most natural, naked state. Just because I don’t take numerous full-nude pics of myself and put them up online does not mean I am ashamed of who I naturally, nakedly am in any way (or anybody else for that matter), and I am not a liar. I do not appreciate people calling me a liar, because I am not lying. I just think the person who wrote that article just badly misunderstood the point of what I was saying and misjudged me as a person.

I know there are quite a bit of nudists out there who have naturist advocacy profiles just like mine who don’t show their full naked bodies online. Some just show their faces, some use pseudonyms to protect their identity on the internet. Does that mean they are ashamed of their natural, naked bodies in any way, or anybody else’s? NO!

I mean true, some nudists/naturists/advocates do put lots of pictures of themselves naked on their blogs, and some don’t. It all depends on how much security the person chooses to disclose of their personal information for people to see on the worldwide web (even nudists like privacy once in a while too), but that doesn’t mean anybody is a hypocrite or any less of a nudist/naturist or advocate in any way.

Overall, being a true naturist is not about exposing yourself to the world–being a naturist is about accepting yourself about who you truly, naturally are, no matter whether you display it on the computer publicly or not. I am not a hypocrite in any way, and I don’t want you to think any less of me in any way. I’m still the same proud nudist I always have been, and firmly believe nobody should be ashamed and have to cover up or change their natural, naked bodies.

Best to all,