Well it was down to one week left out in the Colombian wilderness for the remaining survivalists. And there are two groups surviving together off the shores of Piranha Lake—Jeff and E.J., and the septet of Chris, Dani, Laura, Luke, Danielle, Alana and Eva. I understand these guys are feeling undernourished, it’s hard surviving out in the wilderness for 40 days without much to eat. I think it’s great how the septet was finally able to find some food for themselves with hunting that stingray without having to depend on E.J. and Jeff. However, I still feel they could have at least given E.J. a taste of the ray (after the two eels Jeff and E.J. were nice enough to share with them), but it was their choice to have the ray for themselves—and I know that it is hard splitting a little stingray between 6 people.

Looking back on that, I can understand why Jeff was reluctant on Chris offering to help kill his third eel, after the way the group treated E.J. and not sharing their stingray with him. But I am glad to see Jeff came around, and apologized to Chris and ultimately decided it was best to share his catch with everyone again.

I also did not think it was fair that Dani was not doing as much to contribute to the group of 7 as the rest were. I understand she seems to do well on her own, similar to Shane, and I don’t think she realized how important it was to be part of a group setting when you’re used to being a loner. Absolutely nothing personal against Dani, but I don’t think she tried hard enough to contribute to the group, and I am not surprised she tapped out. I also thought it was brave how she discussed her frustrations with E.J. and Jeff, and they supported her decision to continue on her own—I also think it was a good move for her to tell E.J. whom she trusted that she was tapping out, and that he told the group himself after Dani left. I think it’s great how she gained some trust with E.J. and Jeff shortly before deciding to leave.

And congrats again, Jeff, on hunting your third electric eel! Great bravery, faith in the Lord above and great enthusiasm about your big catch—nice job again, man, you are awesome.

Well, the 40-day extraction will be coming soon enough! Next week is the finale, and I am excited to see how far the remaining eight survivalists will be able to push themselves to survive, and I can hardly wait to see this show go out with a bang. To all the remaining survivalists in this challenge, congratulations, you’ve made it this far—it’s not easy surviving out in the Colombian wilderness for let alone 21 days, but over 30, nearing 40! Next week’s finale is going to be exciting.