Things got interesting on this week’s episode of Naked and Afraid XL! Who got to see Sunday night’s episode? What did you think?

Well, all ten survivalists have made it to Piranha Lake at last. Alana and Danielle made the hike seven miles from their old camp and reunited with the remaining eight (E.J., Jeff, Shane, Dani, Laura, Eva, Chris and Luke). I do worry about Danielle, though, because there doesn’t seem to be much plant resources to eat around Piranha Lake, especially as she is a vegetarian. Plenty of protein around, but not much for Danielle—I totally respect her decision as a vegetarian, but being able to survive without much fruit around, I worry about her continuation in this challenge.

I also found it interesting how the alpha-male trio of Jeff, E.J. and Shane decided to distance themselves from the other seven. I think it’s good that they want to avoid any drama, but I’m also concerned that with these three being tough-willed alpha-males versus a team of two men and five women, I feel that most of the weight of finding means of survival is uneven. Especially as the group of seven tried fishing on their own (even with Dani’s net) and not catching anything while Jeff finds another great big eel. Yes, I feel Jeff made the best decision again to share the new eel with everyone—but I fear about this becoming an ongoing thing. I understand everyone in the septet knew Jeff didn’t have to do what he did but were very grateful for his decision to share again—but I also fear about their survival, so far the only ways they’ve really gotten major protein was the shares they got from the alpha-male trio. So next time, I am interested to see how well the septet do finding their own source of protein without having to overdepend on Jeff and E.J. Plus, even if the two groups just shared their findings amongst their individual groups, with E.J. and Jeff, you’ve got two—and then you’ve got the seven who must share amongst a much larger group.

I also think it’s great how E.J. and Jeff have really come to value Shane being part of their group, especially after he dug them a well from water from the ground. Even with Shane’s health deteriorating, it was great to see he was still able to contribute as much to the group as he could before he just felt like he was too weak to go on and decided to tap out.

And again, Jeff, I admire your faith in the Lord to decide what to do about your latest big eel catch. You did the right thing, putting yourself last and sharing with everyone else instead of just keeping it for you, E.J. and Shane—you knew how much everyone would appreciate it, especially as the septet was becoming desperate after failing to come across significant protein on their own. You didn’t have to do that, but I’m glad you did. I know everyone else you guys shared with felt the same. Good job man.

Well overall, things will be interesting next week. I admire how far everybody’s gotten in this challenge, and despite Shane tapping out, I am glad he doesn’t regret surviving as long as he did—especially now that he’s become good friends with E.J. and Jeff. I do hope he’s been able to get his energy back and be able to get well nourished again. As for everyone else, I know everybody still remaining in this challenge is very strong-willed to make it to the end and continue to have great gumption to make it through this challenge, and I am curious to find out how far they can get next week.