more nudity less taboo

Hey friends,

I hope y’all are enjoying yourselves this weekend—and hopefully at least get to spend some of it, if not all, in the nude, like I am.

You know what I hate? I hate it when people act weird when they encounter nudists just acting casually. Big problem with textiles—they are so accustomed to wearing clothes on a regular, casual, non-sexual basis that when they come across a nudist they act differently, because nudists aren’t “exactly like them” and they don’t know how to act. They may make weird glances or gawk, and be afraid to interact or talk with nudists, or come anywhere near them.

NEWSFLASH, TEXTILES—we nudists are people too. There is nothing to fear from a nudist—I don’t understand why you should have any reason to fear talking to or interacting with us. We are just like you, we like to talk, have fun, do pretty much all the same things textiles do—we just choose not to wear clothes while living our daily lives, that’s the only difference.

The way I look at it—this world needs more social and public nudism efforts, and public nudity should be more widely practiced and legalized. This way, people are sure to encounter casual nudity more often, and in return they are not so weirded out by it because people will be so used to naked people around that the “taboo” effect is sure to lift. All textiles really need to do is talk with nudists like they would if they were wearing clothes—find a good icebreaker to start a casual conversation. There is a way, somebody just needs to take the effort. At the end of the day, when we can all see past the garments, we are all the same, just normal human-beings who can all get along if we really try.

Who knows? Sometimes we nudists can even convert some textiles to our great way of life!

Best to all,