Hey friends,

Who saw tonight’s episode of “Naked and Afraid XL” on Discovery? I think everyone showed great gumption and courage, as groups worked together to make their way across the vast savannah to be able to find more protein.

First, I am glad that Shane decided to join E.J. and Jeff to become a full alpha-male trio again. I felt with Shane as he wanted to join the group after the frustrations he had with Alana and Danielle, and having not been able to find any protein on his own. What amazed me is how these guys made the long trek and finally found Piranha Lake, and how they all worked together to kill that electric eel and finally get a good chunk of protein, which they really needed as all three of them lost a lot of weight from not getting much protein and not having much energy–I was so glad when they finally reached Piranha Lake.

Second, I think it was a good move for the quintet of Chris, Luke, Laura, Eva and Dani to make their own trek to Piranha Lake. I am amazed that they also made it across the savannah as well, and caught up with the alpha-male trio. All I hope for this group is that they don’t try to mooch off of the alpha-male trio—I thought it was great that Jeff, E.J. and Shane shared some of their eel with the other five, but I know these five can survive on their own—they’ve got three strong women and two strong guys. I know that once this quintet start settling down as the alpha-male trio has at Piranha Lake, they can start getting quality protein as well.

Finally, without Shane, I think Alana and Danielle will be able to survive better just the two of them. Without the Shane drama, these two ladies seem to get along better. Alana seems to be catchin’ fish, and vegetarian Danielle has been able to find herself some fruit and nuts—these girls seem to have it pretty good on their own.

A bit of paradise has seemed to come for some, and the drama has seemed to lift. Now that these guys are over halfway through their 40-day journey and are beginning to find efficient protein, I think things are going to look up. As long as the quintet are able to set up their own camp and start fending for themselves at Piranha Lake and not mooch off the alpha-male trio, I think both teams at Piranha Lake will thrive as long as they stay safe.

Was another great episode tonight, as usual I am curious about what will happen next week. Now that these guys have made it over 21 days through, they’ve still got a long road ahead and I am amazed how each of them has made it this far.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

Best to all,