Last night was just an overall great episode of “Naked and Afraid XL.” Teamwork, positivity and perseverance—three great words to describe it.

I feel like Alana and Danielle are making progress without Shane—they seem to be working together pretty good to find food. I just feel Shane was being a jerk about this situation, I feel like going off on his own is just going to make things worse for his situation. If he was unable to get along with Alana and Danielle, I don’t know what will happen if Shane tries to survive on his own, especially with him being anemic. I understand he likes being by himself, so we’ll just see what happens—but yes, he hasn’t caught anything and not having the girls there to back him up I think will cost him big time. At the same time, I think it was only fair that Alana did not share the fish with Shane, because of the way he treated them, thinking Alana and Danielle were lazy and didn’t do anything, that was a jerk move. Plus Alana caught the fish herself, so she totally deserved to have it for herself—I know she would have shared some with Danielle, but Danielle’s a vegetarian, and Alana respects that. More for Alana, I guess. And even when Shane did come back after not being successful four days on his own, he never apologized for being a jerk or anything like that when he came back to attempt to “make amends” with the girls, so I am glad that Alana and Danielle stood firm on not needing his help. Nothing personal against Shane, but at this point in the game, he cannot survive alone and he’s depending on the girls to help him, and that’s not fair to them if Shane isn’t willing to apologize for the way he treated them before.

I understand E.J. and Jeff were making a long trek to find water and food to a lake a long ways through the wilderness—I liked E.J.’s enthusiasm, “Dude we will eat…we will be resourced”, that is great how he’s keeping a positive light about their long trek, knowing finding that lake will be totally worth it. I also like how Jeff said a prayer that they will find what they’re looking for on their trek—that shows great perseverance, they both have faith that taking this long trek will be worth it and that hopefully food and water will be available on the other side.

I am surprised that Jeff and E.J. ended up meeting up with Shane, and it’s great that Shane was willing to share his spot by the creek with E.J. and Jeff, and finally the guys were able to drink and get hydrated. I think it’s a good idea that he joins E.J. and Jeff on their mission to find Piranha Lake—it will be good for him to get away from Alana and Danielle. When the two girls showed up and met E.J. and Jeff at the creek, Shane didn’t want to have anything to do with them, so I think moving on with E.J. and Jeff, Shane also having the alpha-male kind of demeanor, will be good for Shane, maybe it will bring some hope for him if the three finally reach their final destination.

Chris and Luke (Team Bromance, as they call themselves) made a good effort to find mangoes, even with Chris getting attacked by ants. It’s amazing how well these two guys have made it, especially without Honora—they have a whole bunch of different kinds of fruits and stuff (and water nearby), like Chris said, these guys are “jungle rich”, plus their positive attitudes. I also think it’s cool that Luke recommended they do some nude yoga, and got Chris (who had never done yoga before) into it as well—even though he was still a little weirded out by doing nude yoga with another guy, at least he took the effort to try it.

I think the three girls, Laura, Eva and Dani made a good move comin’ over to the Team Bromance camp was a good idea as well—Chris and Luke shared their fruit with the girls, and with Dani’s mosquito net to catch fish, I think Chris and Luke will be happy to finally get some protein they’ve been having a hard time trying to get. Having the two teams join up together brought up their XLRs, and I know they will be stronger together. Both teams seem real strong-willed and seem to have a similar positive-minded demeanor at this point, so the guys and girls together in this case is a pretty good idea.

It was a good episode, now the survivalists are over halfway through their challenge, making it at least 20 days in—can they survive the extra 20? I can hardly wait to find out!