men of pink blood

Hey friends,

So just yesterday, I wrote a blog post about how silly it is to censor female breasts, genitals and buttocks in the media when it has nothing to do with sex. Well now I would like to focus more on the female breasts topic, because it is only right that women get as much equal to say about their chest region as men do.

As a man, I enjoy how it is not so bad when I do not have to wear a shirt, and there is no problem showing my “breast” region and nipples. But at the same time, I feel sorry for women. A lot of times in the media, you see guys not wearing shirts, but women usually are always depicted at least covering their breasts. And I do not understand that if it’s perfectly okay for me to not have to cover my chest region, why can’t it be the same for women?

Like I said in my last post about genitals and buttocks, most people automatically come to a conclusion that breasts and nipples are something sexual, which is absolutely untrue. Just like her vulva, a man’s penis or anybody’s buttocks, breasts are a natural part of the female human body. When God created woman, he created her with everything she has on her body for a reason, just as he did for man. So it only makes sense that she is treated equally. If a man can go topless without causing a controversy, so should a woman.

Censoring breasts is the same as any other part I said in my last post—if it has nothing to do with sex, there’s no reason to censor it. And as I said in my last post, of course we should keep sexual material away from kids, but seeing casual, non-sexual nudity shouldn’t be a big issue for kids either. In fact, many mothers breastfeed their kids when they are babies, and naturally the kids see nothing sexual about it. That’s the way it should stay, no matter how old kids or adults get—the female breasts are no different than any other part of the body, so there’s absolutely no reason to let women go topless and not have to wear covering over them, just the same as a man.

That’s the whole idea behind my new hashtag, #MenOfPinkBlood—spreading awareness about breast equality. If you are a man who feels that women have just as much right to show their breasts freely as much as a man does, you are definitely a Man of Pink Blood, and I encourage you to spread the message with this hashtag. Bring on the movement of #MenOfPinkBlood!

Best to all,