Hey friends,

It’s one crazy world we live in—too much of society has become so married on the idea about nudity being connected to sex—a man’s penis and a woman’s vulva and breasts are sex objects. Too many people think that if a penis or female breasts or a vulva are shown, it is purposely meant to sexually arouse people. And of course, sex is an adult thing, which obviously children shouldn’t see. So this is what people think—naked means sex, oh I gotta hide it from the kids and I’ve always got to cover up if I am not having sex or want it. And because of that, whenever nudity is shown on TV or in most movies, the genitals and buttocks are usually always blurred or somehow censored. IT’S A CRYING SHAME. So does this mean no other parts of the body can also be used for sexual purposes? What about our mouths? Or our hands? Or our feet, how about that? People can even have sex with clothes on, don’t let that be an excuse. BEING NUDE DOES NOT HAVE TO AUTOMATICALLY BE LEWD OR TABOO. If censoring the penis or female breasts or vulva takes the sexual factor away, you might as well just edit out every part of the body, because really any part of the body can be used for sexual intimacy.

First of all, these parts are just natural parts of our body. A man’s penis and a woman’s vulva and breasts are natural parts of our body, just like our hands, eyes, nose, mouth, feet, so on. When God created man, he created these parts just as he did any other part of our body, and was happy with his creation. Each bodily part has its own purpose, just as we use our mouths to eat or our ears to hear.

Second, being a nudist has really helped me come to appreciate my body for what it is. My body is just a natural part of me—I am not a sex maniac; if I happen to be naked, I do not automatically want sex or want to give anyone sex. I am just being my natural self—clothing is not natural, God did not create us to wear clothing.

Finally, to get to the point—not every depiction of nudity is sexual. The porn world has pushed society to think this way because they’ve been able to make money on it—not only that, but because so many people are married on that philosophy about nudism being related to sex, they aren’t used to people not being just like them. If somebody doesn’t wear clothes, that makes a person different than somebody who does? Not wearing clothes automatically makes you sexually active? NO! There are sadly so many people who are very closed-minded that they just don’t understand somebody who’s different.

So if being naked has nothing to do with sex, why are we still censoring it? Obviously we should keep pornographic/sexual material away from our kids, but we should not have to censor nudity completely from our kids. Matter of fact, I feel it is healthier for our kids to be around casual, non-sexual nudity, because it helps them become more comfortable with their bodies and it makes talking about sexual situations when kids get older much easier. The point though, all nudity should not be hidden from our kids—even with these reality shows on TV that depict nudity, like Naked and Afraid, Dating Naked or Buying Naked, there’s no reason to censor breasts, genitals or buttocks, so why do it? If these shows are going to depict nudity, might as well just bare it all instead of blurring out breasts, buttocks and genitals. Censoring them is really no different than censoring any other part of the body.

Best to all,