Was another exciting “Naked and Afraid XL” episode last night on Discovery Channel! It’s not easy surviving for 40 days in Colombia, and last night’s episode was no exception.

I feel like lack of communication is what is making Shane, Alana and Danielle’s group crumble. Shane being an introvert isn’t that much of a team player, so there wasn’t really much communication between him and the two girls. And because of this, he seems to be trying to prove himself to stay a strong male figure and seeing the two girls not doing anything, he just thinks they’re lazy. It sort of ticked me off when he bashed Alana, saying how he thought Alana survived her initial challenge by not doing anything and her partner doing all the work and getting worn out—that ticked me off, Alana worked hard in her first challenge, and that is why she deserved to return to this ultimate challenge. Absolutely nothing personal against Shane, but I feel like he’s got the wrong idea about these other girls in the group—a tough, hard-working alpha male personality but yet an introvert at the same time with mood swings, with two strong-willed women who can survive without a man telling them what they should and shouldn’t do. I am curious to find out what will happen next week if Shane will do okay on his own.

From the feuds between Chris, Luke and Honora last week I knew Honora was on the outs. I was not surprised when she tapped out for the second time—like I’ve said before, nothing against Honora personally, but I just don’t think this was the right way for her to redeem herself. Chris and Luke have seemed to become stronger without Honora, and the two of them seem to be getting along pretty good together—they’ve got fruit, and they finally found their stuff that Honora threw in the river, they’re better off without her. If Honora wants to redeem herself, I think she should do like AK a few episodes ago on the main “Naked and Afraid” show. Without Honora, I was not surprised their group’s XLR rose, because Chris and Luke seem to do better as a bro duo—I just feel Honora was too sensitive and not as prepared or tough-willed as Chris and Luke.

I was surprised when I found how Dani felt she didn’t fit in with Eva and Laura, and went off on her own. I can kind of understand why, knowing she was on her own for a few days before she actually united with the other two girls in her assigned group, Eva and Laura, and because of that she felt as though the other two girls had already started building rapport with each other, and it was hard for her to fit in. But I do think she did build great rapport with Chris and Luke—as soon as she showed up at their camp, she started talking with them and soon enough they got along well. I think Dani is ready to separate from the other two girls—I think Laura and Eva both being fairly strong women, they can manage to survive between the two of them, and I think Dani will form a better partnership with Chris and Luke.

I also felt with E.J. and Jeff after they went off to find water after capturing that big turtle. I feel they should have tried to eat the turtle first, then go to find water. Otherwise, I don’t feel they would have lost the turtle. I do with the best for them, I know these guys are tough, you just can’t give up. Hopefully they’ll have better luck in next week’s episode, I do wish the best for E.J. and Jeff.

Overall, this was an interesting episode. Things are changing for some of these groups, it’s not easy surviving out in the wild naked and afraid, especially when team members don’t see eye to eye. What will happen next time around? That makes me curious, I can hardly wait to find out next week.