There was a lot of tension in last night’s new episode of Naked and Afraid XL, especially within the trio of Honora, Chris and Luke.

I seriously don’t think this friction between the three should have gone as far as it did—I think Chris and Luke should have at least let Honora contribute more to hunting. I understand Honora didn’t survive her initial 21-day challenge and I feel like because of that, Chris and Luke fear for her survival in this 40-day challenge, and in turn they haven’t given Honora much of a chance to prove herself. But at the same time, I just think Honora got too emotional about it—she didn’t have any right to throw their things into the river as revenge for the guys not agreeing with her points of view. These arguments shouldn’t have escalated as far as they did—I think they should have at least given Honora a chance to prove herself, or she shouldn’t have gotten too emotional about Chris and Luke’s opinions. Something tells me this group is on the tumble, unless somebody does something to resolve this. I do think Honora should get more credit at helping in the group, but at the same time I am concerned that because she tapped out from dehydration the first time, with all three of them hurting for food and water again (leading to this frustration that led to these arguments), I fear Honora will tap out again. But even if she does, I think Chris and Luke will make it okay without her.

It also seemed like Shane, being the only man in his group alongside Alana and Danielle, was having a hard time trying to prove himself, especially after the girls made him release a turtle back into the wild he was hoping to eat and get some protein. I personally think it was crazy for them to make him spare the turtle, because seeing his frustration after not having that good of luck with hunting and keeping missing the animal, I fear the downfall of this group.

I think it is great, though, that Dani was finally able to catch up with Laura and Eva, finally completing the all-tough-female trio. These three women, I can tell, have great chemistry. They all seemed to connect right away, plus they put all their individual survival items to good use—Dani’s mosquito net, Laura’s firestarter and Eva’s pot, and they were able to rustle up some fish and a lizard. These ladies seem to have good teamwork, they’ve got it made—at least for now.

When it comes to E.J. and Jeff, now with Hakim gone, they seemed to make up for their losses pretty good throughout their small portions of this episode. After not having luck with getting through those thorny palm trees to try to get some water (and Jeff getting a thorn deep in his finger), it’s great they were finally able to find water in a nearby river and even catch some fish. These guys seem to be doing pretty well for the time being as well.

Overall, it was a pretty good balance of ups and downs for each of the four groups throughout this episode, and I can hardly wait to see what will happen next week.