Ingenious idea, Nestle.


What do naked people have to do with coffee creamer?

Nestle is using the former to try and sell you the latter. It’s part of a new ad campaign for the Nestle-owned Coffee-Mate Natural Bliss, a line of naturally flavored dairy creamer launched in 2011.

Back on April 24, marketers from Nestle and ad agency 360i took over a small coffee shop, Irving Farm Coffee Roasters, on Irving Place in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. The marketers set up shop in the store’s basement while naked models, covered only in body paint (a la Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue), served free coffee—and of course pushed Coffee-Mate creamer—to surprised customers. Additional models and actors in body paint sat in the cafe among the regular customers to add to the gag.

Now the advertisement resulting from that stunt is set to hit the Web in full (and naked) force on Friday. The video…

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