Hey, did anybody watch the season premiere of Discovery Channel’s new show, “Naked and Afraid XL” last night? I don’t know about you, but I think this show was a great idea. Being a nudist as it is, I think it is great that first of all, casual, non-sexual nudity, is really becoming the new thing on cable/satellite TV. Second of all, I like survival shows—just plain Discovery’s idea of making a survival show completely centered around complete survival of the fittest—without any essentials, especially clothes, just is an all-out even more awesome idea. And third, me being a big fan of “Naked and Afraid”, I am absolutely amazed how Discovery’s brought back some of the best survivalists to survive together.

E.J. Snyder, in particular, has always been one of my top favorites from the start. I have always looked up to those who serve/have served in the military, plus he’s just a very tough, strong-willed kind of guy who also has a big heart, who cares about his partner and partners working together as team players. He’s just an overall badass, and just plain the fact that E.J. has survived the 21-day adventure twice (first in Tanzania with Kellie, then in the Amazon with Laura), that just makes E.J. even more awesome! Especially when he’s got the highest PSR rating out of all male N&A survivalists so far, 9.1? Damn, he’s good—I am so glad E.J.’s back for the 40-day adventure!

Laura Zerra, another one of my top faves! She is one tough woman, and also very beautiful. Even though she seems to be the “loner” type (or as Laura so claims), she seems to work well in these survival situations when paired up with a partner and manages to do all she can to pull her way through to the end. Like I said about E.J. before, I think it’s awesome how Laura has also been brought back for the third time—Laura’s also always been one of my top faves, ever since she first survived out in Panama with Clint. Having a strong-willed woman is a great key to surviving out in the wilderness, especially for not alone two 21-day naked survival journeys, but a 40-day! I am glad to see Laura back on N&A for a third time as well.

Jeff Zausch, also one of the best. I enjoyed the episode where he and Eva survived out in the desert in Madagascar—and especially to have both Jeff and Eva back, that is great! Eva Rupert is also a great survivalist, also very strong-willed and unafraid to take charge. It’s great to see both of them back. In the premiere, I think it’s amazing how determined Eva was to continue the game, especially after she cut herself real deep.

I am also glad to see Chris Fischer back as well, especially after he ended up surviving Dominica all by himself after not working things out with Corinne. He seemed like a strong player as well in his first 21-day journey, I like how he’s also the team-player type, believing strongly in partners working together to survive. He and Alana Barfield, I think are both amazing, especially because both of them ended up making it out of their original journeys by themselves, after their initial partners tapped out, I think it is amazing how neither of them gave up in making it to the end.

Almost everybody else in the cast, I think were great pics too—Hakim Isler, the black MacGyver, joining the “alpha-male” team with Jeff and E.J. (even though I thought it was kind of sad he tapped out so early); pairing Dani Julien with the trio of strong women alongside Laura and Eva; and even bringing back Shane Lewis from the first episode ever of the series, or Danielle Beau, also a great pick.

Probably the only one on this cast that I didn’t agree with—Honora Bowen. Nothing personal against Honora, but I just think it is unfair how she was chosen to compete in this challenge alongside eleven other naked survivalists who fully survived their journeys out, and she didn’t. I mean, I feel like Honora (like AK got) should get a second chance, but I just think putting her on N&A-XL, as opposed to just a general episode of N&A, was kind of a bad idea. If she didn’t survive her initial 21-day journey, it concerns me how she will survive a 40-day adventure.

But overall, I am excited for “Naked and Afraid XL”—I think the people who made the show did a good job finding some of the show’s best survivalists and pairing them together for this intense journey. The first episode was intense, and I can hardly wait to find out what will happen next week.

What’d you think of last night’s new episode?