see yourself

Hi friends,

Many of you have enjoyed my positive message pics about nudism/naturism, and I am looking for a way to help more people get involved in this community page. What I would like to do is continue putting up these messages, and also get people on my Twitter and Tumblr pages involved. I am currently looking for fellow nudists/naturists interested in submitting their photos of themselves just casually enjoying life in the nude for me to use in some of my future message posts about positively promoting nudism/naturism. If people see fellow nudists enjoying themselves in situations of just casual nudity either socially or alone, I think it is more friendly than just sharing random pics from the internet. Instead of just sharing pics from my Tumblr feed, I would really like to get some of my followers involved. If you are interested in seeing yourself in some of my future messages, you may send me your pics via DM (Direct Message) on Twitter @cloptzonebuck or send them via the “Nude Submissions” tab on Tumblr (cloptzone). Can hardly wait to start getting my fellow nudists/naturists involved in these messages, and continue to spread the positive word about our great, clothes-free way of life. No porn please, just casual nudity. Men and women of all ages are welcome to take part. Hope to hopefully hear from some of you soon!

Best to all,