happy world naturist day 2015

Hey friends,

Happy World Naturist Day! It is our day to celebrate this free, liberating way of life we love of not having to be restricted by the confines of clothing, and show how proud of nudists we truly are.

As we celebrate this fine day, I am thinking about how we can attract people into nudism. Unfortunately, most people are raised to traditionally cover up their bodies, and because of this, there are just so many people who just do not understand our way of life. And because of that, when textiles come along and interact with naked people, they are intimidated–they may stare or feel uncomfortable. What is there to be uncomfortable about? No matter who you are, everybody is naked when they first came into this world. We are all naked under our clothes, I don’t understand why some people are so weirded and grossed out by the human anatomy. All men have genitals, all women have vaginas and breasts, and everybody has a rear end. They are just body parts like any other, just natural parts of us. There is no reason to be weirded or grossed out by the natural human body.

Unfortunately, these people are so accustomed to wearing clothes that they don’t normally see those parts on a daily basis and are so used to being taught to cover those parts up. And unfortunately, the porn world has made that shame of human nature worse by commercializing our bodies for sexual interest. Because of this, too many people have come to misunderstand true human nature. Naturally, the first thing that goes through a lot of people’s heads when they see somebody naked, oh sex! Some guys are afraid if they come near a naked guy, the guy will be trying to turn them on. So untrue! And a lot of clothed people are married on the principle that clothing makes you comfortable—the human body is a shame, and you must hide who you truly are. And because of that, they could never understand what it would be like without clothes.

That’s why I think it is great we have a day like today, World Naturist Day, to celebrate our way of life. Today is the day where we can show the world that we are just normal people like everybody else, and that there is really nothing to worry about when textiles interact with us clothes-free folk. Go out there and do everything you normally do, just do it naked. Just as blacks or LGBT folk live normal lives, today’s the day to show we nudists are no different than anybody else, except of course, we just choose not to live restricted by clothes. If much of the world today can tolerate blacks, or gays or lesbians, and see that they are still just normal people, then they can come to realize that we nudists are just people too—we have friends, we work, we have dreams and aspirations just like everyone else, pets, pools, spas, the list goes on and on. We nudists are perfectly normal people. Show your pride, wear a big smile and be proud of who you truly are. Today is your day, today is our day. So let’s celebrate how great it is to live nude!

And those people who hate on us and misunderstand our way of life and probably always might—pray for them, or just plain forget about ‘em today, that’s their problem. They don’t matter today—what matters is you—what matters is US. We are happy and proud to be nude, and it doesn’t hurt to let the world know that today.

Friends, you are all great people—you look great, you have great potential, you live great lives, and you’ve got lots of gumption. Give yourself a pat on the back, and live this day up to its fullest. I love y’all—no matter gender, sexual orientation, color of skin, whatever—let’s share the love today and stay nude!

Best to all,