“Why do nudists seem so happy?” That’s the question I am sure a lot of clothed people have about nude people.

Well until I actually became a nudist myself last year, I never understood either. True, I worked as an art model before for money, but I didn’t realize why nudists seem so happy until I actually took the initiative to become one myself.

First of all, just the feeling of being naked is very liberating. When you don’t have shirts, pants or underwear wrapped up around and/or adhering to your body, it is much easier for your skin to breathe. When your skin can breathe, it gives you a “lighter” feeling, which makes you feel free. It’s a lot easier to relax, it’s a great way of relieving stress.

Second, when sex has nothing to do with it, being naked is healthier for your mind. The main people who think about sex and relate it to being naked are those who normally wear clothes. Since they wear clothes, they have to have something to intrigue their brain into wanting to break into seduction. When you are naked and not thinking about sex, everything is there, you are already naked, your brain doesn’t go into that state of mystery of what’s under those clothes, I want to get in there and see it. That doesn’t apply, because you see everything, there’s nothing mysterious to fantasize about, so it’s easier for your mind to accept it and not think about the sexual aspect, and it becomes normal in your mind.

Third, being naked helps you learn how to better respect the true human body. When you are naked, you are at your most vulnerable state, and you don’t have anything to cover up your true identity. When you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to lose. It is also obviously our most natural state–we were born naked, clothing is not natural. Clothing is artificial, we are the only creatures in this world who oddly feel we must have some necessity to cover ourselves. When you don’t have any of that on, you are truly one with nature, and you accept yourself for who you truly are, instead of somebody you’re not. And when you are around other nudists socially, in which everybody is naked, because everybody has come to accept themselves for whom they truly are, they accept you for who you truly are.

Fourth, everybody is on an equal level when they are not covered up. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, it doesn’t matter what you do for a job. When everybody is naked, we are equal. So it is a lot easier for nudists to get to know each other because you don’t have any of your worldly possessions to hide. We were all born naked, so naturally that is how we were initially created.

Fifth, you can do pretty much anything you can do clothed, naked. And when you’re doing these things, it’s easier because you don’t have any uncomfortable garments or anything getting in your way. When you swim naked, it feels better, you’re not weighed down by a bathing suit. When you sleep naked, you don’t have any PJs that get uncomfortable or make you sweat. Studies I’ve seen show there are health benefits to sleep naked as well.

Sixth, you save money on clothes. And you don’t have to worry about something that is too big or small, or too loose or tight. And when you go to stay at a nudist resort, you don’t have to pack much because there’s no need to wear anything–unless of course, it’s cold.

There are so many benefits to being naked, so obviously we nudists have every right to be happy. When you are able to truly accept yourself and others and get to know others better, it eases your mind and makes you happier. When you’re not stressed, you’re happier. When you save money, you’re happier. When you sleep better, you’re happier.

All said right there. So take your clothes off, take in the benefits and put on a big smile. 🙂