I don’t understand why a lot of clothed people can be quite apprehensive about being around nudists/naturists. When some people see you naked, they fear to look at or interact with you. When you talk to them or help them out, some people can get really nervous around naked people. Some people get disgusted, and others can get just plain petrified. It is kind of sad in a way that so much of society has disowned the natural state of the human body.

The big problem is that too much of society has been absorbed with what the mainstream has put out there for way too long. Most of this has to do with the porn industry, because porn studios think they can make money on showing naked situations where people are having sex. Another problem is a lot of people are insecure about their bodies, what is there to be insecure about? You’re ashamed of who you really are? That’s ridiculous. There is nothing sexual, shameful or fearful about nudism/naturism – it’s just about living your everyday life in your most natural state, the way we were meant to live when God created us.

People, there’s nothing to be afraid of! If God had created us to wear clothes, we would be born with them. But we were not. We were created naked, and this was the natural way we were intended to live. Nobody should have to have a reason to fear nudity or being around naked people.