Naturism from Mark Blinch on Vimeo.

Hey friends,

It’s your bare baboso buddy Buck! So I happened to stumble across a link this video while browsing my Tumblr page from the Bare Oaks Family Naturist Resort, and hearing what they say about naturism about really accepting yourself really got to me. Yes, it made me think about why I became a nudist in the first place. Not only did I enjoy the good, lighter, liberating, free feeling I felt being naked but also being naked has helped me accept myself better. Growing up, I always was self-conscious about myself, and had a hard time trying to fit in throughout many of my early and middle years of grade school. In high school, when I was in drama club, my director would tend to give me child or chorus parts, and I felt like I had been typecast – since high school, I’ve been about 5’7″ height and have always been thin. I eat good and take good care of myself, and manage to still treat myself once in a while, and I always had a problem with never gaining any weight or muscle mass. I felt so terrible and self-conscious about myself for the longest time. Well since becoming a nudist, I have learned there is no perfect body. When we are at out most natural state, there really is no such things as the perfect human – we all have some kind of flaws, we may be short or tall, thin or fat, but I’ve learned that just being me is so much better than being an image of somebody I’m not. Even today, at 24 years old, some people think I still look about 16 or 17 (probably because I am still rather skinny and still retain a boyish facial appearance – nowadays, I just take it as a compliment. Being the real me with my imperfect bodily appearance makes me happier than being pestered by much of society to be somebody I’m truly not.

Stay Nude,