nudist revolution movement

Hey friends,

It’s Buck, your good nudist friend. I have been thinking about nudist resorts, and some people in clothed society outside do not always agree on the establishment of these places. A lot of people think nudity is shameful and just out gross. A lot of people think being naked is inappropriate behavior. Why? I don’t understand why exposing the true, natural human body has become so taboo. It does not have to be.

Even though I did not grow up a nudist, spending more and more time naked just helped me realize how great it feels to not have to wear anything and not have to be ashamed of who I truly am. I never regret my initial decision on becoming a nudist/naturist, and so far, a lot of people have supported my decision. Since I came out to my aunt who used to belong to a nudist club herself, a few more relatives and friends of mine have learned of my new lifestyle, and have supported me as well.

But I am curious how we can better spread the word about the positives of being naked? How can we better inform people that showing the human body in its casual, natural manner is nothing to be ashamed of or have to hide?

I’m not gay, but I can relate our situation to that of the LGBT community. I don’t know how the gays and lesbians did it, but somehow over the past 10 years it seems like they have become better accepted by society and the media. I know years ago, homosexuality also used to be outlawed. Somehow, somebody spoke out to let people realize that they are just people like you and me as well who live regular lives. I am sure that before, people just thought they were sex addicts and were only interested in having sex with every person of the same gender that they met. Believe me, I used to feel the same way – I used to be scared that if a gay man started talking to me he was trying to hit on me. (I’ve changed a lot since then.) My point is this, if the LGBT community has been able to make a successful stand and become better accepted, we nudists/naturists can too.

True, TV has shown a better image of nudity in the past few years, with hit shows like “Dating Naked”, “Naked and Afraid” and “Buying Naked.” But I feel like that still hasn’t been enough. Plus when they do show casual non-sexual nudity on shows like this, they still blur “questionable” body parts. Social nudity is still widely prohibited in public, and many people look down on establishments of nudist communities saying it’s indecent exposure, or inappropriate behavior. Too many people still automatically link the bare human body to sex – they think just because someone’s buttocks or a man’s penis or a woman’s vagina or breasts are showing it’s all sexual and people need to cover that up. Somehow, we can better show people that these are just natural parts of our bodies, just like our hands, eyes, ears, mouths, etc. And we should not have to cover it from children’s eyes either – these body parts are just a natural part of our bodies, and there’s no reason why we should have to hide them from our kids. If the situation’s not about anything sexual, there’s no reason to hide nudity from anyone of any age.

2015 can be the year we can really make a difference. At this point, I feel I have decided to become a nudist/naturist at the right time while I’m still young, I know that I can help make a difference in helping my fellow nudists get their voices heard. As some of you already know, I plan on in the near future starting a local nudist group of my own, and plan on getting more young people in my area interested too, I hope to start my group sometime later this year. And since I became a nudist, I have been amazed at all the other people who are making better efforts for their voices to be heard too, and have started supporting some of them too.

I am excited to hear what some of you are doing as well – I would be honored to support you. If we all work together, we can let people know that we are just like anybody else, and can live our lives just like anybody else, just in our natural state.

We can do it people, I have faith in the nudist revolution.