Hey friends,

Your nudist friend Buck again. Ok so I just came home from college to spend Easter with my family. Tonight, I looked for something to watch in our old VHS collection at home (Yes, we still have plenty of VCRs and VHS tapes around my house, don’t judge me!), and I came across one of these movies we got from my great aunt’s collection of movies when she died – a funny ‘80s comedy film called “Big Business”, starring Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin. And it’s about these two sets of twins who got mixed up when they were born – one set are rich presidents of a huge business firm in New York, and the other in a family of good, blue-collar workers in rural West Virginia. So this big business the NY sisters run plans to liquidate the local furniture factory in this small town just so the bigshots can get more money for themselves, resulting in the WV twins coming to the Big Apple to defend their land and way of life. It’s a funny film, a chick flick maybe (don’t judge me, it has nothing to do with sexuality or just me being a man, I like more manly films too, but hey this is a funny one too), but still a great film about how much different walks of life don’t understand each other. But once they stumble across each other and learn about each other, they unite and defend for what is best for everyone in the long run.

Well it makes me think of being a nudist/naturist, and how so many clothed people put us down. Like the rich bigshots in “Big Business”, the prudes only seem to want what is best for THEM, and not think at all about what the minority thinks – in this case, us proud nudists. But we are not going to be the type to give up easy. Just as the blue-collar rank twins in the film came back to defend their hometown, we can defend our way of life too. If we continue to educate those clothed individuals, we can show the world that life can be just as well lived naked as it can clothed. And we’re better off naked, clothing isn’t natural, no other organism/creature covers up, we do not need clothing. We can make a statement and find our place in society if we really try.

The best way I know to better raise positive awareness is once I graduate from college next month, once I get all settled on my own I plan on forming my own local nudist/naturist group. And still being young, I would really like to help the younger crowd see that anybody of any age can enjoy nudism.

I recently presented the idea at a meet-and-greet event for a local nudism advocacy group here in Michigan a couple weeks ago. True I wasn’t surprised that I was the youngest one there, but I brought up some great points about how I feel we can not only better promote social nudity among the people in Michigan, but especially to the younger crowd in particular. It would be great to see more young nudists! When the older crowd who are more commonly seen in the nudist light pass on, somebody needs to take their place. And the great thing, absolutely anyone at all, no matter who you are, can be a nudist. I can’t wait to start my own local group, I know I can make a difference if I really try.

You can do it too, anybody can do it. Form a group, talk to your friends and see how they feel about nudism/naturism. If they’re a little weary at first, help them realize it has nothing to do with sex, that it’s just normal living without the need for clothes. True there are some who are just plain resentful to the idea, but there I am sure will be at least a few who will agree. F*** those who think otherwise, as long as you can find at least a few people, you’ve got a group, and you can help make a difference. If we continue to form groups like this in our local communities, we can help our friends and neighbors better appreciate our lifestyle, and in return attract more people to the great life of being free of clothing.

We can do this people, but it’s gotta start somewhere.

Your nude friend,