Hey friends,

It’s your nude friend Buck. So I was sitting in bed this morning in the buff, and I was thinking about comedy shows. You see a lot of comedy shows filmed for TV, movies and video and stuff like that, but what I think would be great is to have something like that, but a nude comedy show.

I have found there are some good nudist comedians out there, and I have heard they have good turnouts at their live shows. Well I know there are a lot of people who would definitely be interested in being able to see a nude comedy show, but have a reason they cannot go to a live show, whether it’s physical problems, distance or some other thing holding them back. I also know there are already some great TV shows that emphasize casual (non-sexual) nudity, like Naked & Afraid, Dating Naked, Buying Naked, etc., and I think that a nude comedy show would be another great idea on TV and/or streaming/home video.

I am sure there are a few cable networks out there that would be interested in the idea of having a nude comedy show for TV, even if it’s a premium network like HBO or Showtime. Or even if a nude comedy show was filmed and available for either streaming or purchase (online or on DVD/Blu-ray), I know that it would be a good sell. There is definitely an audience out there, and I think bringing this idea for a nudist comedy show would bring in revenue and new viewers. We should spread the word!

It’s also another great way of showing that being nude is not just about sex or porn – it’s just part of casual living and our uncovered human bodies should not be anything to be ashamed of. What do you think? I think if we pass the idea on, it could happen. I would love to see a nude comedy show on either TV or available to watch online and/or purchase. Wouldn’t you?

Stay nude,