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How Many Hours A Day Do You Spend Nude?

Happy NAKED day!  It’s my “official” work from home day and here I sit in my “birthday suit” blogging!  I mean working!  I mean blogging!  LOL!  Oh you get the idea.  At a recent nudist event, out of curiosity, I conducted an informal/small poll.  Here, I share the findings.

How Many Hours A Day Do You Spend Nude?

Out of 25 responses, here are my informal findings:

0 – 6 Hours, 8 People
7 – 12 Hours, 7 People
13 – 18 Hours, 4 People
19 – 24 Hours, 6 People

Really – is anything less than 24 hours ENOUGH naked time?  I think not!  Dare to dream!  Some day – for me anyway – I will live completely nude 365 / 24 / 7!  Sadly, I suspect a lot of people who are afraid to try the lifestyle are only nude…

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