I have been a proud resident of Michigan my entire life. Almost every summer growing up, my family took vacations to various places throughout our state’s two peninsulas, and I’ve always enjoyed taking part in various activities in the outdoors in this great state – hiking, boating, fishing, and swimming. Besides being the “Great Lakes state”, there are also so many great inland lakes, trails, landmarks, lookouts, and great sites to see.

But I also happen to be a proud nudist/naturist and advocate for this equally great lifestyle, and I am quite frustrated with the laws of the state of Michigan. I’ve been told that public nudity is prohibited in our state, and I think that is very unfair. Since recently becoming a nudist, I feel upset that I cannot be my true self. I was surprised when I found there are no public nude beaches. I don’t understand why.

Like many other nudists out there, this is my philosophy. We were born naked, just like any other organism on this planet. Nobody was born with clothes on. So if any other animal/organism is okay being seen without having to put on clothes, why should we have to wear them? There is really no need for clothing as part of human nature, it is an artificial covering that has been created by man, it is not natural, we were not born with it, and I really don’t think we should have to cover our true selves up if we don’t want to. You never have to ask a dog or cat or horse to cover up, so why should we? The problem is, this society has popularized nudity in a false light – in a sexual manner, thanks to porn. And because of that, people are covering up and teaching their children that nudity is not right because it’s taboo or sexual or something like that. But in reality, porn/sexual activity really shouldn’t have to be linked to being a nudist, because they are completely different. Choosing to live life in your natural human skin should not have anything to do with being a sexual deviant or a pervert. We should not have to hinder people, especially children, from the true, natural human body.

You would never tell a horse or a dog to cover up (although people sometimes dress their dogs, but who does that? People!), they aren’t widely seen clothed either. So neither should we.

Don’t get me wrong – there are some great nudist resorts here in Michigan, but that’s not enough. There are a lot of people here who would like to be able to visit a nude beach here (especially those who can’t go to a nudist resort for various reasons), and I feel Michigan is the right place to start a nude beach on account of a few things.

First, as I’ve said before, Michigan has lots of great outdoor activities that people can do. Pretty much anything you can do clothed, you can also do nude.

Second, the nude travel business is making an upswing – many people want to enjoy the freedom of being nude, and with more places for nudists to be able to visit, it can help our state’s economy, giving people another reason to come to our great state.

Third, once people start seeing the more positive side of nudity in a casual, non-sexual way, other people can get motivated and realize that we nudists are just like them – we are not hurting anybody, we are not interested in sex, we are just enjoying ourselves, having fun and living our daily lives just like you.

And fourth, people are just plain happier naked. When we see each other in our natural state, everybody is equal – nobody is greater than anybody else, and when people get to know each other for who they really are, more people are likely to get along and see eye to eye. And when we can also live in harmony and are happy just enjoying life naturally, we can have more fun.

Kids, one, are natural nudists at heart – lots of kids, including myself when I was really little, loved the freedom of running around naked and jumpin’ in the water and just having fun. Adults are the ones telling them that being naked is wrong, because of what the porn world has made us believe. If young kids wouldn’t care (especially because their hormones/testosterone haven’t developed yet, so why should they care? They just love the freedom of being natural), why should anybody?

And anybody can leave a stink or a dirt mess behind, don’t let that be an excuse either for letting people be able to be naked in public. Matter of fact, nudists are more likely to have better hygiene, and odors are more likely to occur with those wearing clothes, because their clothes trap and hold in those odors, making it a lot easier for that crap to stick around. So don’t let that be an excuse.

It would make me happy to see a nude beach here in the state of Michigan. Since we’ve got everything in the outdoors you could ask for here, you’ve got the environment and there’s just overall great potential for this state. What I think would be a great idea is if somebody took the initiative to purchase some vacant waterfront land and designated it as a nude beach.

I don’t understand what our state government has against allowing a public nude beach – just because people fear that it has to do with something sexual? That’s why we have to hide our kids from it? That’s why people can’t live naturally, just as we were created? It’s RIDICULOUS! It’s just like with gay rights or civil rights, these minorities are still just people like you and me, and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t have to live their daily lives just like straight or white people just because they are a little different. I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t have public nudity rights – if blacks can live their lives equally as whites, and if gays and lesbians can live their lives equally as straight people, then it should be the same for us nudists/naturists. We should be able to live our lives equally as clothed people. They don’t have to get naked if they don’t want to, but that shouldn’t mean they must banish us from just living our normal daily lives just because we are a little different. If I don’t have the desire to put on clothes, then I shouldn’t have to. But that doesn’t mean I have to be treated any different from anybody else.

If we can all live together in society happy and equal, not only will our great state of Michigan do better, but our entire country as it is. Let alone world! Everybody can be happy – both the nude and the clothed. We nudists can have our freedom – we can go where we want, walk or drive and go from place to place, shop in our favorite stores, eat in our favorite restaurants, hike, swim, enjoy the beach, anything. And we can be happy because society can accept us for just being our true selves – natural, free, just the way we were initially intended to live by nature.

What I would like to see is this message getting passed around – if we get enough support, people will start to take notice, and maybe then Michigan’s government will realize we have great points, and that we do deserve to have a say as equal human beings who love this state and just want to be their true selves. We can all do our part to make this state, country and world a better place.