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I’m Not NUDE – I’m Simply COMFORTABLE!

I do some of my best thinking in the nude.  It occurred to me yesterday (no great epiphany), I’M NOT NUDE, I’M SIMPLY COMFORTABLE!  Nudity encourages confidence, self-love, comfort in one’s own skin, celebration of the body, and appreciation of the diversity of the human form.  Nudity is important to counter unrealistic images portrayed in the media aimed to produce insecurity and negative self-image.  Our attitudes towards the body are shaped, standardized, and controlled by the media.  We forget, or maybe we don’t realize that the human form is naturally diverse and imperfect.  Bold displays of nudity remind us that abnormal is normal and should NOT be a source of shame.

I remember the first time that I relaxed naturally with nudist friends over some wine and cheese.  I remember the first time I experienced social nudity at one of my favorite New…

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