Hey friends,

It’s your good nudist pal Bucky. I was just thinking when I got up a little while ago sitting naked in bed this morning, unable to sleep, thinking about Heaven.

Well obviously, we were all born naked and we all die naked. It’s the way God created us as human beings since the beginning. Well I was thinking about angels, you know how you see so many different paintings and stuff that depict angels, and they happen to be naked. It’s a lot different than much of society has made me believe, seeing pictures in church, or in children’s picture bibles or even in film that depict angels wearing white robes.

Well thinking about it, as a Christian nudist, I feel that when we die (naked, obviously), our souls go to Heaven and we (true to how art depicts it) are naked. We didn’t come in this world with clothes on or die with clothes on, so why would our spirits in Heaven wear any clothes either? And since our earthly bodies are the only part of us that really ages with time, our spirit inside (no matter our age) is still young, so if you really think about it, when we go to heaven, we are all pretty much just like how those paintings I was talking about before represent what happens to us when we die and go to Heaven. We become those naked, young children, just like you see in art. The naked body is natural, the way we were created by God (he did not create us to be born with clothes on), and since clothes are earthly possessions, those go away as soon as we die. So when we reach Heaven, we really are all young naked children, who don’t care anything about secular sexual desires or harassment or anything like that, that pop culture has made our society believe too heavily over the last hundreds of years.

God doesn’t care about what we wear here on Earth, he didn’t create clothes, people here in this world did that. So if God doesn’t care about clothes, why would he care about us being naked in Heaven? He doesn’t, because he made us naked and our spirit inside is naked, so naturally when we get to heaven we are naked and young. So why hide what’s really gonna happen when we enter the gates of Heaven by making our kids believe we wear white robes? It’s ridiculous.

So Heaven is really like a giant nudist resort, where we are all naked and in great, happy spirits. We have no worries, deteriorations, impairments or disabilities – just happy, friendly, good, young nudist children enjoying the clouds looking out for us from up there above and without a worry in the world up there, just as God intended. Angels really are some of the greatest nudists around.