Hi friends,

Your nudist pal Bucky here. So I recently found this video on YouTube about a nudist chapel in Virginia, and I was moved by the pastor’s message. Well, being a good nudist believing in the fact that God created me naked and meant for me to live this way, I was curious about finding some more good information about being a Christian nudist online, and I happened to stumble across this new video about “The Coming Day of Judgement”, go check it out at the link I have provided here. I was very moved by the message that this couple, The Naked Apostles, conveyed throughout the video. They made lots of great points about how the devil has tempted us about wanting all this stuff that God hasn’t given us, and confused us into thinking there’s shame in the nude body, among other things. I would recommend any good Christian nudist who’s interesting in hearing the word of God from a fellow nudist (especially those like me who can’t find a nudist church, and just wants to hear the word of God from someone on their side) to check out these videos, The Naked Apostles are good people with great words to speak about what the good Lord has in store for us. Check out their YouTube channel, and visit their website.

If you would like to watch the video, click here.

Best to all,