Okay, so this weekend I came home from college to see my family. Tonight, I happened to be watching Disney’s 1995 classic “Pocahontas”, while watching over my two younger brothers who have autism. It happened to be a movie I liked since I was a kid when it first came out, and since I was watching over them, I put it on to keep them out of trouble. I also happen to still be somewhat of a kid at heart.

But the big part that’s important about this movie is the reason why war strikes is because most people just don’t bother to take the time to really understand each other…unless a curious somebody or two takes the bull by the horns and really learn about the other person. When Pocahontas and John Smith first meet, John thinks he’s better than Pocahontas, thinking she’s a “savage” because she’s not like him. But Pocahontas helps John realize that once he truly learns about her and her people, they can come to make peace, as she sings about in the song “Colors of the Wind”.

Well, a similar thing goes with nudists and non-nudists. The reason why the clothed put us nudists down is because they don’t understand us. Just as John Smith and the English settlers had initially assumed the Native Americans were worthless savages who were uncivilized, a lot of clothed people just see us nudists as sex maniac perverts.

But if we could see past all that and really get to know each other, the clothed can realize that we are not trying to be perverts. Naturism/nudism really doesn’t have much to do with sex at all; it’s about living life naturally just as we were born. Naked and natural. And if we could make a peaceful coming with the clothed, I know that we can become a much more peaceful world, maybe convert some more people to our awesome lifestyle (possibly for life).

The best advice I can give to a non-nudist, really take the time to get to know a nudist. They are not the perverts you automatically assume they might be. There is so much more to it than that. And if you stop being a coward and actually take the time to understand someone else and not just think about yourself, you’ll realize we’re just people too. And we don’t like it when somebody tells us to be somebody we’re not. Take the time and get to know a nudist, and again as Pocahontas says, “Paint with all the colors of the wind.”