I can’t believe this. As much as I think modern technology has made our lives better, where has personal communication with real people gone? All these big companies advertise paying with your phone or ordering via internet or your smartphone, and promoting that you don’t have to talk with real people anymore. Where have people-people gone?

I grew up in a rural family, with a father who was not very tech-savvy at all. He was a talker, and so am I. I got my mouthpiece from him. Growing up, we didn’t have smartphones. I plan on getting my first one within the next year or so, and I do text on my phone, but when it comes to communication I actually like taking the full process when it comes to talking to real people.

Where has this gone? Why do people think it is perfectly normal today to not have to talk to other people? I see lots of young people texting each other on their phones, especially when they are right next to each other. Nowadays, it seems like people have been spoiled a little too much by all this new technology to the point where people think it’s normal not to communicate with a real person.

I don’t know if you ever saw the latest National Car Rental ad featuring comedian/actor Patrick Warburton, where he talks about how he likes not having to talk with real people, and how that’s perfectly normal. I feel very offended by this ad, because businesses today are trying to promote that personal communication has completely gone out the window. So society feels it’s okay for employees to not really care about their customers, and that customers think that there’s no such thing as personal service.

Well I refuse to give into this garbage, I am still the kind of guy who still likes communicating with real people. I do text, but only if the person is far away and I can’t actually speak to them in person. But I feel people-people have really diminished from our society, and I feel we should take measures to actually talk and have conversation with real people again. Who is with me?