I was just remembering my Beltane ritual last year, where I washed myself, naked in the rising sun, surrounded by nature and bird chatter and the whispering trees…

It felt absolutely extraordinarily sacred, and yet in another culture, in another time, it would be a normal daily occurrence.

And this year on my Vision Quest in the Pyrenees, walking naked on my hilltop in the overpowering sun, saluting the stars at night, laughing with horses and listening to the stories carried on the wind…

I didn’t do much; and yet so much happened. Time and space warped into something completely different from the way I experience them in everyday life.

Just being.
Being in nature.


I want a return to the wildness, the freedom, the deep ancient connection to land and nature and Self.

I want a rewilding of the human soul, a remembering of our birthright as untamed…

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