Too many people in this world think they need designer clothes to think they look good. They spend all these hundreds and thousands of dollars on fancy stuff that’s delicate and elaborate, and then they want more and more because they get bored of their old stuff.

No, that’s wrong. Too many people are following the devil’s lead, too many people are self-conscious about how they look. Well if we were all naked just the way God made us, none of that would happen. If we all saw each other’s full monty, if you know what I mean, all the self-consciousness would go away, and everybody would see the true everyone else.

So really, you do not need fancy clothes to make yourself look hot or beautiful. Good grief, you don’t need any clothes at all. The best outfit of all, the one you were born in, your birthday suit.

You look great with absolutely nothing on. We all do. Man, woman, sexual orientation, race, it doesn’t matter. We all look great in our skin, so there’s absolutely no reason to cover it up.