We live in one pretty screwed up society. Too many prudes out there who feel like seein’ somebody naked is a pervert. Too many people in this world think the absolute same thing about us nudists. “Oh, all they want is sex, it’s gross, and it shouldn’t belong in society.” Too many clothed people worry and think way too much about what others will think of them. So they force us to dress up and force us to fit in and be like everybody else, and not truly be the real us. It’s absolutely disgusting. Nobody should have to go through that crap. It’s not necessary at all, and there’s absolutely no reason to be ashamed.

If you choose to be naked, you should have the liberty to do so. If we were born nude, then why should we have to cover ourselves up? Just like every other creature in this world who doesn’t wear clothes, if they don’t even think about putting covering over themselves, then why should we? We shouldn’t have to. Especially if we don’t want to. People should not have to put us down or get us in trouble for just being our natural selves.

We should not have to cover ourselves up – we shouldn’t have to wear underwear, bras, shirts, pants or shoes. TV and the Internet should not have to blur or edit out our genitals, buttocks or breasts. Too much of society has been spoiled by clothing to the point where they think that the only worthwhile point of being naked is for sex. That’s absolutely W-R-O-N-G, wrong! People have terribly misunderstood that nudity is about so much more than just sex. In fact, sex is totally different than living your everyday life without anything on. There’s a complete difference between sex and nudism, a fact that too much of society that’s gotten horribly strewn all wrong. So we need to let them know that there really is nothing wrong with being naked, just living the way you were intended when you were born.

Covering up your penis, vagina, breasts and buttocks is really no different than covering up your eyes, ears, nose, hands, mouth, feet and everything else. In fact, no body part should be called a private part, because they are just parts of our bodies just like any other. No body part is greater or worse than any other. So there really is no reason to cover them.

And finally, the biggest mistake society has put on nudity is right there, the name, NUDITY. There’s absolutely reason to give our lifestyle a label. We are people, just like everybody else. And all we are trying to do is live our lives just like the rest of society. We have just realized that we do not need clothing to bring us happiness – it’s what inside that counts. Too much of society has been led to believe that because of using some parts of our bodies for self-pleasure (sex), showing the body is bad. Plus, too many people are self-conscious about themselves. If were are all naked with nothing to hide, there’s absolutely no reason to fear you look any better or worse than anyone else.

If everybody was naked, there’s absolutely no reason to compare somebody else’s body parts. We would be such a happier world. There would be less war, less worry and we would all be equal, because nobody really is greater than anybody else. If we live in a free country, why can’t we truly be free like we should be? After all, clothing is what’s keeping you a prisoner. Too much society is under the curse of clothing, and that’s why there’s so much trouble and turmoil in this world, because people aren’t getting along and some think they are better than others.

So please society, don’t judge us. If we were meant to be free, we should REALLY be free. We are not perverts – we aren’t interested in having sex with you, and aren’t trying to cause any trouble. Just accept us because we really are just like you, living our daily lives just like you, only freer and happier because we don’t have anything getting in the way of truly being happy and living naturally, the way were intended to live when we were created and brought into this world. Stop telling us to cover our bodies and labeling us – you have some terrible problem with yourself you are afraid to face. Being naked is our life, and we shouldn’t be negatively looked up on or look different, because we’re not. We are just like you, and you really have no reason to say no. Let us be naked and free. If you just let us be, we will let you be. There’s no reason to complain or have war over it, it just comes natural.

So who’s the real perverts? That’s easy, there is only one REAL group of perverts in this world, those with clothes. THEY THINK TOO MUCH, and think only about themselves. Done said.