This is cool, Kiev is definitely on my nude itinerary!

Active Naturists


Last summer I rediscovered the capital of my homelands, Ukraine. I’ve spent most of my adult life outside Ukraine, in Moscow and Berlin, both of which have naturist beaches within the city boundaries (Berlin has many of them), so I was pleased to find that Kiev has its own beautiful naturist beaches in the very centre of the city! Kiev boasts the mighty Dnieper River that provides the city with banks with amazing views and also gives it some forested islands, that are luckily protected and not used for mansions of the nouveau riche. A couple of neighboring clothing-optional beaches at Hydropark (Gidropark) are located most centrally.

This is how it looks from the bridge on the way from Gidropark subway station.

You cannot really see if it is a nudist beach at the other bank of the river, but trust me, it is! So after the bridge…

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