Society has the wrong idea about nudists. Too many people fear that somebody will try to come on to them, or try to sell sex. Ugh, I am so sick of these people who look at social nudity all wrong. Society needs a true wake-up call, and find out we are just living our lives just as normal clothed people would. And there’s nothing people need to be ashamed or scared of.

I know there are presidents who loved skinny dipping – John Quincy Adams and Lyndon Johnson. C’mon, Johnson for example used to invite fellow staff members during White House meetings to come skinny dippin’ in the White House pool with him. John Quincy Adams loved to skinny dip in the Potomac River!

C’mon, if we have presidents who love to be naked, why can’t we have one that is willing to better accept nudity? And make it more widely accepted in society?

What society really needs to learn is that there are so many benefits to being naked. And we nudists are not trying to harm anyone. If we want to take part in society naked, we should be able to do so. If you wanna go to the store and you don’t feel like wearing anything, you should be able to do that. Too many parents are afraid to also expose their kids to nudity because they fear it’s a sexual reference. No, it’s completely natural. You shouldn’t have to hide kids from non-sexual nudity. You shouldn’t have to hide anybody from non-sexual nudity. That’s why we need somebody in office who agrees with me. If they love to be naked, why not let everybody be naked if they so choose?

It’s only right. There will be so much less worry and war, people will be friendlier and we’ll all be happier. Somebody needs to spread the news, but we gotta start somewhere. Let’s bring on the nudity people, there’s absolutely no reason to hide from being what we naturally are. So let’s all continue to spread the word, nude on!