So many people talk about how they need their “beauty sleep” at night to feel good in the morning. And I don’t just mean beauty as in fashion or looks, what I mean is your overall body and mind health, that kind of “beauty”. The big problem is, when a lot of people go to bed at night, they really aren’t getting that quality sleep they’re talking about when they bring up “beauty sleep”. The big problem, too many people wear clothes to bed.

Even when it’s something minimal, like underwear or a tank, you really aren’t getting the quality sleep you could get when you’re naked in bed. Believe me, my anxiety can get to me a lot during the day, I sometimes tend to worry about the craziest things, and it didn’t matter what I was wearing, I was still thinkin’ about it when I went to bed at night. But I’ve found that since I decided to become a nudist, I’m so much more relaxed. My body can breathe, and because of that, so can my brain. When my brain’s at ease, I’m all over at ease. And that makes it easier to sleep. So when I started sleeping nude, I soon found myself sleepin’ a lot better. Matter of fact, it’s been the best sleep I’ve gotten in years.

PJs or any type of clothing just gets uncomfortable anyway in bed. And because of that, we also can’t stop thinking because clothes alone keep our bodies from being fully able to breathe. No matter the time of the day. So when your body can’t breathe and you can’t stop thinkin’ about things when you’re dressed, don’t be surprised if you aren’t getting quality sleep at night. It just isn’t that healthy and there’s no real “beauty” there.

So if you truly think about it, the “beauty” in beauty sleep doesn’t really work unless your body’s fully free. Take my advice, you’ll truly sleep better when you are fully clothes-free when you’re in bed at night. And when our bodies and minds are healthier, we have a more positive outlook on life.

All said there. Where’s the beauty in beauty sleep if your body can’t just be free to get its full rest so sleep can take full effect?

So, you really want your beauty sleep, right? I’ve got the solution – lose the clothes! Simple as that. You’ll sleep better, believe me. And that will make you feel better in the long run.