I can’t believe I have made it here. I have a whole new outlook on life, one that I’d never dreamed I’d have before. And sitting here writing this blog today on my 24th birthday (in my birthday suit, no less), I feel like my calling has truly come. I am truly proud to now openly declare myself a nudist.

And prior to starting college, I would have never dreamed that I would want to be a nudist and want to in the future raise a nudist family. I would have never dreamed I would love being naked as a whole. I used to think it was just all about sex (like most people), which it truly isn’t, there’s so much more to it than that which most people fail to understand. Even the first time I ever modeled nude for an art class, I never dreamed I would love nudity so much I would just want to be naked all the time.

Then all of a sudden, just one night not that long ago, I slept naked for the first time, and loved it. Got the best sleep that night I’ve gotten in a long time. The next night, which was a Friday night, I was watching old episodes from one of my more recent favorite shows, “Dating Naked,” and decided being naked truly is a lot of fun, so I just sat naked for one night and went on Facebook, and read about a nudist resort, and thought, I might as well give it a look-see, maybe I might wanna go there and check it out. I saw pictures of so many people having fun, and reading reviews about the place. So many people had 4 and 5 star reviews, saying things like “everybody was friendly” or “so relaxing and fun”.

So I sat there buck naked reading about all these happy people who were having fun and feeling like they truly belonged. And I thought, I want to get to know some of these kind of people. So I started interacting with people on Facebook, who were advocates on raising awareness about public nudity. And I had remembered about when my parents read the story of Adam and Eve to me when I was little, when God created them in the Garden of Eden, both of them were naked. And come to think of it, neither of them even thought about covering themselves up until after they realized they’d sinned after being tempted by the snake of the devil to eat the sacred fruit (which God promptly told Adam and Eve was strictly forbidden). If it hadn’t had been for that terrible temptation, people wouldn’t be doing wrong. People wouldn’t be worrying so much, because we would all live in harmony, just as God and nature truly intended. If it hadn’t had been for that awful mistake, Adam and Eve would still be living happy and carefree with the other animals in the Garden of Eden, without a thing to worry about, and no need to even think about wearing covering.

And that bible story about Adam and Eve made me think about real life. If being naked is truly the way God made us, and these people are truly happy, good-spirited, young-hearted and carefree when they go to these nudist resorts and interact with fellow nudists, there is no reason why I should really wear clothes either (except when I must when it’s cold and/or I need to go out somewhere, like work or school). So when this guy advocating for public nudity rights was talking about how the decision of living nude should be allowed, I thought, I’m totally with you on this, man. We were born naked and will die that way too. And that’s when I truly decided to officially become a nudist myself.

That prompted me to start my blog and my FB page, Clothing Optional. Since I was now truly passionate about being naked, I wanted to be able to interact with people who feel the same way I do. And so far, after not even a week, my page has gotten so many likes, now over 100! I feel so happy knowing there are other people just like me who love being naked too, and feel there’s no reason to be ashamed of it. And through these two great pages, we can all be in this together and become one big happy nude family! It’s great knowing there are so many people of all ages who cherish this lifestyle, you are all great people.

Finally, when I went home to visit my parents this past weekend, I came out and told them I decided to become a nudist. And I was surprised, my parents had no problem with it!

So on this November 11th, as I now turn 24, I feel I’ve truly become the real man I want to be. As free and happy as can be, just as God intended when he created me. This is truly the greatest birthday ever!