I encourage all of you of all ages to read this. I’ve got some great things to say about you and your awesome decision to live naked and free.

First of all, I know why many young people are sometimes kind of nervous about going to nudist resorts – because they fear that a lot of the people there are just gonna be old, fat people and they’re not gonna be able to feel cool or fit in. They got it wrong! They’ve got it completely messed up.

The truth is, our younger generation is the key to continuing this lifestyle we all truly enjoy. Matter of fact, I think that now there are more younger people (many right around my age, in their twenties, and some bloggers even as young as seventeen) than ever joining the nudist lifestyle. When I first became a nudist myself and starting interacting with fellow passionate nudists, I was surprised to find out how many young people truly love being nude too. And the best part, they’re of all different backgrounds, and appearances – some fit and muscular, some more on the chubby side, and some who are slim, just like me. I was so relieved to realize that I am not alone. Our young community truly does love the freedom of being clothes-free!

And those ignorant individuals I talked about at the beginning of this post, all they think about is themselves and fail to realize that once you are actually naked and you’re interacting with other fellow nudists, the concept of age, weight or appearance completely goes away.

It makes me think of about ten years ago, when we first put my grandma (who is now an angel) in a nursing home. When I came with my dad to visit her for the first time, I was kind of petrified, because there are so many old people around, what are they going to do to me? Well my dad assured me, don’t worry. They’re just people like you and me, everybody grows older sooner or later, and there’s no reason to be afraid of them. In fact, there was a quote I saw below a picture right in the front hallway near where we walked in. The painting depicted an old woman sitting in a chair, next to the ghost of a young woman, with a quote underneath that said, “Only the body withers.” And my whole idea of older people changed, I just thought that was so inspirational!

So after really thinking about that quote, I’ve really learned something. In reality, we all truly have a young spirit inside. And the great thing about the young generation coming into this nude lifestyle we cherish is that when the young come to these nudist resorts and start interacting with people of all ages, it makes everybody young again at heart.

I totally am for starting a nudist family when I choose to marry in the future and have kids of my own. It will be great to help them realize that we are all truly born naked, and there’s no reason to feel guilty or nervous about it. And when kids love being nude and they interact with other older nude people, everybody is happy! And as nudist kids grow up, many of them are sure to begin this trend with their own families someday. The more young people we bring to the nudist community, the more we ALL continue on and on getting young again at heart.

So I got a message for those ignorant kids I hinted about at the start of this post. F*** off, because the old, fat people you complain about really aren’t old and fat in spirit. It’s what’s inside that counts, they are actually truly young at heart, just like we are. And when the older population goes to these nudist resorts and these people are happy and relaxed, many of them turn out healthier, and when that happens, their young spirit keeps them going. They are truly great people.

Fellow nudist friends, we are truly ALL young. Don’t give a crap about what some of these ignorant kids say about you, you are not really old, you’re not really fat and ugly. YOU’RE STILL YOUNG, just like me, you’re awesome, energetic and truly attractive. We all are, everyone. Nude on!

Your bud,