Raising a family of nudists is absolutely a great idea, am I right? But probably one of the best movies I can think of nudist families can watch is Walt Disney’s 1940 classic, Fantasia.

In addition to the absolutely stunning collaboration of picture, color and sound, there are so many unobjectionable, okay references of nudity that nudist parents don’t have to feel guilty about the kids seeing.

If you really take a look at various parts of the film Fantasia, you can plainly see if you look real close, all the fairies in “The Nutcracker Suite” are naked – breasts, buttocks and all. The angels in “The Pastoral Symphony” are completely bare (as they close the curtain as the centaurs spend their quality time together in one part of the musical vignette, one exposes his own buttocks to the camera, soon resembling a heart). The centaurs aren’t wearing anything either. And even the fire women Chernabaug creates to dance for him in “Night on Bald Mountain” (before he morphs them again into beasts), they’re naked too! So if you come to think of it, there’s nudity all over Fantasia!

Plus the best part, it’s Rated G! All ages admitted! All members of the family – Mom, Dad and the kids can all watch it. And Mom and Dad don’t have to feel guilty about it, because all the nudity in the film has nothing to do with sexual influence!

Again, I say it, the best family film for a nudist family to watch together, I give Fantasia an A+.