One thing that I noticed since I’ve started my new nudist lifestyle, all the people who have supported me so far have helped me realize something, that nudists are truly the happiest people I’ve ever met. You wanna know why? Because when you live natural, you are free. You don’t have much reason to worry when you’re naked, because you’ve got nothing to stand in your way. You can freely express yourself, people can see and respect you for what you truly are. I’ve seen reviews for a whole bunch of different clothing-optional resorts, and they have gotten lots of high four and five stars. Know why? Everybody’s happy, you interact with people who get to know the real you, and you get to know the real them.

If you come to think of it, humans aren’t really that much different from any other animal out there. Every animal out there besides us doesn’t wear clothes. Even dogs that wear clothes that you see, who do you think gave them those clothes? Humans. Naturally. Well were they born with clothes? No. So why should humans live different than any other animal? Only makes sense, doesn’t it?

Today’s society has got it all wrong about us nudists. They think all it’s about is sex. It’s not. We are not trying to be perverts, just because we like to live as free as possible. We aren’t whores or man-whores, we just like to be happy. And the thing that makes us happy is the fact that we can completely be ourselves when there is nothing blocking us from being who we want to be.

So overall, we nudists are truly the happiest people in the world. When we have no clothing to make us uncomfortable, we are much happier and we have a sense of freedom that we could never have with clothes. You wanna be truly happy? Strip down and let it all hang out. You will be happy if you just try it out.