Don’t be ashamed of being naked. After all, we weren’t born with anything on, now were we? So many people in our society are afraid to show off what they were born with. We were born in this word naked, and we will die naked too. So why not just live life up and not be afraid to show some skin?

Growing up, I was never the popular kid in school. I didn’t have many friends, I was always skinny growing up, and I used to feel so horrible about myself. But also with me being uncircumcised, I thought I could never consider myself sexy, and felt for the longest time that I was a failure in life. The one thing I lacked in my life was CONFIDENCE.

If you’re feeling underconfident too about your body, just listen to my story. I may be a young straight white man, but my testimony can help anybody out, no matter your age, background or sexuality.

To get through college, I was tight on money. I had the hardest time trying to find a job. Well, I looked on the job openings board online at my college, and I noticed an opening for a “Nude Model” for an art class. I knew how insecure I truly was with myself, and I was sick of it. I had had it being the outcast who felt like this life had truly no meaning and he could never be sexy. So at first, I just acted as though I was confident, I pretty much faked it. When I applied for the position, I told my future boss that I had taken art classes in school before, and nudity was nothing I couldn’t handle. Best decision, because I did end up getting hired. Afterwards, I started taking notice of various statues around my college, and noticed, hey all these people are naked in these sculptures and statues. And soon enough, modeling just became easier and easier because I finally felt I was confident enough with my body that I’m not afraid to show it off. Now I love being naked.

Guys, gals, in a nutshell, it doesn’t matter what you are – the most fit person or a stringbean. It doesn’t matter if you are circumcised or not. It doesn’t matter if you are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, whatever. No man or woman should be afraid to show off his/her body or feel confident with his or her private parts.

If you are feeling underconfident with yourself, take my advice. Just don’t worry, stop thinking so much of what people think about you. Do whatever you can to boost up your confidence with your own skin, I’ve got some great ideas for bettering your confidence in your body.

1. Sleep naked.
2. Take pictures of yourself naked or just look at yourself in the mirror, and just put a great big smile on your face. You’ll be surprised – the more you smile when you don’t have anything on, the happier you are and the happier you’ll be looking at yourself without a thing on.
3. Constantly take notice of your equipment. The more you take notice, the more confident you’ll feel in your everyday life (as well as your sexual life), no matter your orientation.
4. Just take an hour of your day and strip down. Just live your normal life, do your everyday routine around the house and just be naked while doing it. If you’re nervous at first, don’t think about the nudity, just act as though you are clothed if you are nervous at first. The more time you spend in the buff, the more confident you become with your body. Simple as that.
5. And if your lover (man or woman) questions why you are naked, just tell them you’re comfortable in your own skin. Even if you’re still just gettin’ the hang of it, fake it. You are more confident in your body than you truly think.

Friends, it truly is great being naked. And truly love your equipment too. Your mind and your lover will thank you for it. Peace, friends.

Your pal,