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The title pretty much says it all. A blog all about positively promoting nudism/naturism, body acceptance and social nudity, and showing how simply being nude is not porn, sexual or anything shameful.

#YourNudeOnStory: Larry’s Story

Hey friends, we’re back with another edition of #YourNudeOnStory. In this installment, we chat with Larry, a former public safety officer, military veteran and lifelong nudist/naturist residing in Florida. Larry has been a friend of our page for a couple years now, and today we’ll sit down and learn about his experiences and points of view on nudism.

So Larry, I understand you’ve been a nudist for many years—how did it all start for you, what drew you into nudism/naturism in the first place? I have been a nudist my whole life. I just never liked wearing clothes. Even though I did hide it for several years.

What reactions did you get when people found you were a nudist? When I told people I was a nudist most people accepted it, some didn’t but that their problem, and some were shocked about it and asked several questions.

What do you enjoy most about taking off your clothes? I enjoy the freedom and peacefulness that being nude gives me. I also enjoy the feeling of the sun and wind on me and having no restrictive clothing on me.

How do you feel your life journey has excelled since you decided to become a nudist/naturist? I have PTSD from my military time and from when I was a law enforcement officer and fire fighter and nudism/naturism helps me cope with that. The journey has been tough at times, divorce, friend and a job loss due to it but mostly it has been great and would not change a thing except hiding it go a long time.

Also, I’m curious, what really intrigued you to share your lifestyle as a naturist and your opinions on naturism on social media in the first place? I feel like anyone that wants to live the nudist/naturist lifestyle should be able to. I know it is not for everyone but for us that do should be able to no matter where we are at without being afraid of being arrested, as long as no laws are being broken. I truly believe that if people were more educated about our lifestyle it would be more accepted. Nudism/Naturism is not about sex and somehow the porn industry uses the title nudism/naturism for their purposes and this needs to change. I hope by talking about our lifestyle on social media will help educate people on the lifestyle and maybe help someone to maybe try it.

What are some of your favorite activities to do in the buff? Some of my favorite things to do nude? Well just about everything! But if I had to break it down to the top 5 it would be this: Tanning, Woodworking, Fishing, Working out and Swimming.

Do you have any special place(s) you like to go where you can enjoy yourself and just be nude? I don’t really, have an island I like to go on when I’m fishing to just to lay out and relax on. And I sometimes go to Paradise lakes in Land O’ Lakes, FL.

How do you feel sharing your nudist/naturist way of life has made an impact on you and others you may know? I really do not know if I have really made much of an impact but I have gotten a few of my friends into the lifestyle and I try to help others by answering their questions about it.

What advice would you give a non-nudist who’d seem willing to try nudism/naturism? If a non-nudist comes to me for advice I usually tell them to try it a home first, then go to a place like a nude beach or resort. I also tell them if possible it’s better to go with someone who is a nudist and to read up on the lifestyle and I will always try to answer their questions about it.

Finally, is there anything else you would like to add? I only hope that one day we as nudists/naturists, will be able to go anywhere and do anything we want to nude and our society excepts it. It is a great lifestyle for as I’m concern and people should at least give it a try. Who knows, you may like it and adapt as your lifestyle.

Thanks for joining us Larry, you have actually been a big inspiration for me as part of my naturist journey. Learning your story has really helped me realize how much I have truly been a lifelong nudist at heart myself. It’s great to see how much you truly care about freedom and equality for nudists, keep it up man.

Friends, if you’re interested in sharing #YourNudeOnStory with us, be sure to DM @teamcloptzone on Twitter, I would love to talk with you about your experience as a naturist to share on our blog, as part of our mission of spreading the positive word about clean, wholesome nudism/naturism and body acceptance. The better we band together as fellow naturists, the stronger we can be about showing the world how natural and truly normal nudism/naturism really is, and in turn I feel it can become more accepted and more people will be willing to join the clothes-free way of life. So #NudeOn friends, together WE ARE #TeamClothingOptional.

Good Naked Morning: Just Shake Shake Shake It Off

Good naked morning, friends!

June is upon us, and finally in full swing! It’s warm enough to be nude indoors and out—unfortunately I can’t be outside as I live in town, but it’s good to be nude inside with a breeze coming in and not have to worry about catching cold. I hope your day’s a good one—the sun’s shining, and later on I’ve got chores to do and gotta get a chance to get out for a swim, it’s gonna be in the 80s today (unfortunately gotta wear a bathing suit, but at least it’ll be nice to take a dip in one of our many nearby lakes).

So last night, I was filming a high school graduation—and I’ve been watching the weather on TV and my phone to determine which work shirt I’m wearing on assignment for the next week or so. Anyway, a few days ago it was nice and sunny (and hot) when I got out of work, so I decided to go take a swim at nearby Ocqueoc Falls. Since it was still early in June and it had been cold for a while, I wasn’t sure how warm the water would be, but when I got there, the river water was nice, especially when the sun was out. I went and dipped my feet in the water and it felt great—felt kind of silly though I didn’t have my bathing suit, there were a couple college-age girls nearby (not much younger than myself) and asked if I was goin’ in for a dip, and I told them I forgot my bathing suit, I felt so stupid! So I decided to run 10 minutes home and get my suit, of course by the time I did get back the girls were gone, dang it all! Either way, I planned to go for a dip even if they weren’t there though, so I finally did get my suit on and made my way in (I didn’t jump in, the rocks are kinda slippery, especially with the little waterfalls around), and the water felt great!

So then in the forecast it says it’s supposed to rain and only be a high in the low 70s yesterday, so I iron one of my red button-downs, and have it all ready for work—when I took a break at 4:30 the weather was still decent, not too cold but not too hot, had to be about 70 or so. But once my co-worker and I got in this school gymnasium, I was sweating up a storm, especially at the end as everyone was leaving and crowding the hallways. It felt great to have the window down a bit driving home to let the breeze come in through the work van as we chatted the entire 45-minute drive back to town. Along the way, this jerk in an older truck was goin’ slow and I waited for the right time to pass him—yeah he gave us the bird as we drove by, but my co-worker and I laughed it off and enjoyed the rest of the drive. If he had a problem with us passin’ him, that’s his problem, and I wasn’t going to let it ruin my day. But when I got home, it felt great to be back—thermostat said 77 (it’s warming up and I don’t have air conditioning), but it was perfect nudist weather so it was great relaxing before bed and even this morning when I woke up without a stitch of clothing on…and obviously still nude as I write this.

That guy flippin’ me off reminded me of goin’ into one of our local bars to watch football on a Sunday night last fall, I was wearin’ my Packers gear and here in Michigan, there are obviously lots of Lions fans, and some guy was harassing me about the Packers, saying “they suck, and you know it”, and I just calmly said “No they don’t” and walked out before anything more brutal went down, the guy had been drinking and was much bigger than me and the last thing I’d want to get involved in is a bad bar fight with some self-centered a**hole who thinks the world revolves around him. I just shook it off, and told myself I don’t care what people think of me as I called my parents to chat and ventilate, and afterward I felt so much better.

Finally, I’m gonna get to go to my nearest nudist club, Spruce Hollow, first weekend of July before the 4th (I have to work on the 4th, but at least spend a couple days there, hopefully for some water volleyball and ring in the start of National Nude Recreation Week)—I’m saving up and doin’ all I can right now to still get over there at least a couple more times this summer, at least one more time in July or August and then Labor Day Weekend. ‘Til then, I’m enjoyin’ the weather and enjoyin’ at least a little time nude and warm at home, such as blogging like I am now.

Big thing I’m lookin’ to focus on in this blog post–**it happens, but don’t let it get ya down. People give you the bird when you’re tryin’ to get around them, people want to start fights when rival sports team fans are in the same bar, the weather doesn’t want to make up its mind and work and money don’t always agree with ideas of recreation, but hey you gotta just shake ‘em off and move on. Not everyone will always agree on everything, but don’t let it get you down from being who you are. It’s one thing we naturists commonly come to realize, because in our daily lives we all lead different paths, but when we shed them off and be who we really are without clothes as societal barriers we can much easier see eye to eye.

Have a great day friends, and I hope you can get your #NudeOn today, even if only for a few minutes. Even if you have to work or whatever, I hope the best for you today. Cheers!

David B

Health update Harmen

Sad to hear, it’s good you’re keeping positive though, hope you can still enjoy life in the nude! You’re in my prayers.

Bare Thoughts

Today we got the official confirmation that I’m diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. This is something that can’t be cured, only controlled with the use of medication and some drastic life changes. From what I was told I have a pretty heavy form of it so I have to change a lot of things that I’m used to do for years. I have to stop smoking, change the way I eat and what I eat, take medication and take more rest ( sleeping hours ). Also there is a chance I have to go to the hospital some times or in the worst case, get an operation. Luckily I’m still able to do my job, the medication I’m going to use is allowed in traffic.

And even though this will stay the rest of my life an ongoing thing, which will effect not only me, but also santana, we are thinking…

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trekking through a biodiversity hotspot in Costa Rica

I miss these stories, always great adventures in the buff! Gotta catch up on you guys’ adventures!

Active Naturists

view 0000 Corcovado, Osa peninsula, Costa Rica

In the previous blogpost from Costa Rica, we teased you with a prospect of a naturalist report, so here it is: we had quite a remarkable expedition in one the most biodiverse locations in the world! And well, you guessed it – most of this trek was done by me (and to a less extent by my friends) in the buff – so once again, we were mixing naturism with big interest in natural history.

Costa Rica is a favorite for nature enthusiasts, with the highest percentage of protected land in the world; but even by Costa Rican standards, Corcovado National Park on the Osa Peninsula is very special. There are simply not many places left in the world where tropical rainforest meets the sea, and this park conserves the largest primary forest on the American Pacific coastline. For better or worse, visiting this park is highly regulated, e.g…

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Every color of skin is good and beautiful…

#YourNudeOnStory: Harmen’s Story

In this edition of #YourNudeOnStory, we talk to our buddy Harmen from The Netherlands, a good friend of this page for a good couple years now. Many of you know his “Bare Thoughts” blog or may have purchased one of his naturism-positive shirts or coffee mugs from his 2Bare2Wear store—well, let’s actually get to know Harmen a bit and learn about his experience with nudism/naturism.

What drew you into naturism in the first place? The mutual respect and harmony that’s connected with this lifestyle. It’s one of a kind.

What reactions did you get when people found out that you were a nudist/naturist?
Most of the people that are close to me like family and friends reacted surprised but respected me for doing it. Most of them did mention “as long as you don’t confront me with it “. What I obviously respected. Some colleagues laughed and made jokes about (which tells more about them then about me). But all and all the reactions were all pretty positive.

What do you enjoy most about taking your clothes off? The feeling of freedom and being connected with your surrounding. It always feels like a punishment to get dressed after a full day being nude.

How do you feel your life journey has really excelled since you’ve made the decision to become part of this great lifestyle?
Oh, for me it really was a life changer. If I didn’t have naturism in my life, I wouldn’t be the man I am today. It’s hard to specifically say “that’s the thing that made it all happen”, because naturism has so many great things to add to your life. But that it changed my life forever in the best way possible…that’s a fact for sure.

Now you’ve had a store in the past called 2Bare2Wear, which you’ve since closed due to other life commitments, and I also think it’s great how you have a blog now called “Bare Thoughts”, and have openly shared your naturist experiences through words and pictures about your life as a naturist at home and out, and have done a great job at it so far, I gotta say. I’m curious to know, what made you decide to start these pages in the first place?
First of all, let me say I’m happy to see that you appreciate the blog. When it comes to the web shops, I was looking for a cool shirt referring to naturism so I could express myself in the textile world. When I couldn’t find one that I like I decided to design one myself. I already had a webshop before for my GTA online crew, so I knew how easy it was to set something up. So I did. That it would expand to 8 shops total was a surprise for me as well. Never did it for the money though. Always did it for the message. To show what naturism is and try to delete the taboo and misunderstandings around it. I owned them for 1.5 years, but when I started my blog in August of 2016 I realized that the message was getting spread way faster that way. So I decided to put all my focus on the blog and close the shops. The message was too important for me and for the existence of naturism.

What are some of your favorite activities to do in the buff? I love to swim, I could do that all day. Also simply relaxing in the grass or doing the normal stuff at home. Actually I like to do everything I the buff haha.

Where are some of your favorite special places you like to go in the nude? I’ve visited naturist resort Flevonatuur in the Netherlands for 10 years now. We also discovered a nude beach near our home, which I described in my latest blog, which could be a great candidate for a second favorite place.

How do you feel sharing your naturist way of life has impacted you and others around you? I think it did a lot. Every month I get messages or emails that our blogs helped people with opening up about this life style. It gives them strength, courage and self respect. I’ll keep this doing for as long as I can only because of those messages.

And finally, what advice would you give a non-nudist curious to try nudism/naturism? Just do it. You won’t regret it.

Harmen, thanks for joining us—I’ve said it before, you’ve been a big inspiration for me as well in my naturist journey. Keep it up. If you’re interested in following Harmen’s blog, you can check out his blog here.

Friends, if you’re interested in sharing #YourNudeOnStory with us, be sure to DM @teamcloptzone on Twitter or Team Clothing Optional on Tumblr, I would love to talk with you about your experience as a naturist to share on our blog, as part of our mission of spreading the positive word about clean, wholesome nudism/naturism and body acceptance. The better we band together as fellow naturists, the stronger we can be about showing the world how natural and truly normal nudism/naturism really is, and in turn I feel it can become more accepted and more people will be willing to join the clothes-free way of life. So #NudeOn friends, together WE ARE #TeamClothingOptional.

happy and free harmen

Good Naked Morning: Naturists and Dating

Good naked morning, my friends!

The sun is shining, and I’m feelin’ good this morning as I write my Saturday morning blog in the buff. I’m happy to see the sun after days of grey clouds and rain up here in my neck of the woods—excited Memorial Day weekend is here, and summer is right around the corner! I’m also going down to see some friends today for a BBQ, and I’m also going to meet a potential date today—she’s five years older than me, but she’s single, never been married, she does video work just like I do and she’s a Christian, hopefully things will work out today I pray. That’s one big thing I wanted to discuss in this morning’s blog.

It’s been hard for me to date over the years—in my upbringing, I was rather sheltered, and it was first of all hard for me to fit in with a lot of the other kids my age in school. I didn’t know a lot of the popular trends or music or things like that, and because of that it was hard to make friends. Yes kids used to make fun of me, and that made it extra hard. Then, when I became a teenager and I hit puberty I wanted to date, but it was always hard. I had female cousins, whom we would always see growing up usually every time we went down to Detroit to see my grandparents—but in my everyday world, it was hard getting to talk to girls. I always knew I wanted a good girl who I had something in common with, but I felt like that was just hard, knowing how I am quite an eclectic person and it just wasn’t easy socializing with people like me. Even my prom date was a girl from my smaller circle of friends whom I wasn’t actually interested in dating, but we did share a kiss at the end of the date. While in college, I tried the online dating scene, I got in touch with this one girl but we texted each other so much before the date, we were both burned out when we got to the restaurant, and she just wasn’t the kind of girl for me. Finally for some time, I just put off trying to date to better myself, and even though looking back I wish I could’ve started to the dating scene years ago, I feel like taking some time off has helped—focusing on my career and finding a good church and town where I’ve really become welcome and I have a life of my own now away from my loving parents. And now that I am 26 and finally started establishing a life of my own, I’ve decided I’m definitely ready to find the right girl for me.

Now I’ve read fellow naturists’ blogs about dating non-naturists, and I feel I could use some advice. I was up half the night last night wondering, how should I break to her that I’m a naturist? When should I do it? Many of my friends still don’t even know I’m a nudist, and I especially would hate to break up a good friendship with any of them. How should I approach this girl about it? Maybe I could start with somehow talking about how I used to work as an art model in college—when should I bring that up? I would hate to come on too strong too quick. Last night, I happened to be watching this new dating show on NBC called “First Dates”, which turned out quite interesting. A lot of these different singles seem real nervous, and I can relate, and sometimes the dates don’t always turn out right because somebody might say the wrong thing and really botch the date, but sometimes they flow really well and people don’t mind going on a second date. Like I said, I’m a little nervous—I’d like to find the right girl for me, but it isn’t easy. I don’t want to be single forever, I’m 26 already and someday I would like to start a family, but it’s gotta start somewhere.

I’m curious to get some advice—what would you suggest when it comes to dating for the first time in a long time? I’m especially curious to get naturists’ point of view on it.

Hope y’all have a great Saturday and for all my American friends out there, a great Memorial Day weekend! Many naturist resorts are also opening this weekend, unfortunately it’ll be colder tomorrow and Monday, and even if I went to my club I’d have to be dressed. Anyway friends, have a great day and I look forward to hearing your suggestions about dating! ‘Til then, best to y’all, and #NudeOn!

David B


Bare Thoughts

Hundreds or maybe even thousands of years ago there was an amazing invention made by Mother Nature herself. Breasts. With this new feature women were able to feed their new born children so they wouldn’t starve to death. Humanity was excited worldwide. Finally they were saved from an awful future image where human beings would extinct. Finally they found a way to feed their children so they could grow up and see the world. What a wonderful time was that. Mothers all around the globe were feeding their children every possible moment of the day. At home, when they were outside aswell. Even when they were in the middle of their village with other women while their men were hunting for food.

But then one day, I remember it like it was yesterday, everything changed. One of the husbands got sick and he and his wife went to the local…

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Sleep well, friends…and nude!

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