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The title pretty much says it all. A blog all about positively promoting nudism/naturism, body acceptance and social nudity, and showing how simply being nude is not porn, sexual or anything shameful.

Naturism…where everyone is beautiful

Great job man, very inspirational!

Bare Thoughts

We all like to think we know what the perfect body is. Because we see it in magazines and on tv every day right? Well I got news for you: we don’t know. Well deep inside we know, but most of us ignore that. I’ll tell you what the perfect body is…

…it’s yours!

You’re beautiful. That extra flesh around your waste? Love it! That birthmark on your breast? Love it! That hair on your back? Love it!

A lot of people say we have a wrong body image because ” the industry ” tells us what beautiful is. I like to believe this wrong body image started before that. ” the industry ” is simply exploiting it, because they make a big profit while doing it. So where does it start in my point of view? Around the age of 4 years old. We have a saying here in…

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What’s become of people’s way of thinking, and what does this mean for our future?


I’ve got another message for the world–in case you haven’t figured it out, I’ll say it again. I’m a naturist, and proud of it. I know I don’t have the greatest body, a lot of people don’t. But that doesn’t mean we can’t accept ourselves for what we are and be positive about it? That doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the imperfect bodies we have because somebody may not be as “attractive” to some?

Unfortunately, there are all different kinds of people in this world, and some of them are not so nice. There are lots of jerks and assholes down there who put people who are not like them down. In this case, a lot of internet trolls for instance are commonly known to put nasty, sour comments on pages that positively show the naked body, and how everyday people are part of the nudist/naturist world. They say things like, “You are ugly and should never been seen naked”. Oh, one nasty troll I remember fondly said most people who choose to be nudists have bodies that should be covered at all times in a burlap sack. WHAT SERIOUSLY IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE??? I know what’s wrong, they are so absorbed with themselves and their personal way of thinking that everybody should be just like them. They don’t care about anybody else’s feelings but their own and those who agree with their own.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again. The porn world has made millions of dollars exploiting the human body. I remember watching a Nightline segment, with porn stars talking about porn stars are supposed to be flawless–and it’s reflecting on our society. People think to be confident and happy, you must have a perfectly toned and fit body. Guys supposedly need to be real muscularly built up to have their bodies accepted by society, women need to be skinny or curved to be seen in anything less than a top. And in turn, people think because most of us aren’t like them, that we are ugly and should never be seen naked.

Many of those measures people take are artificial–we live in a materialistic, artificial world, where unfortunately a good chunk of society is so absorbed and tempted by the man-made material world, we forget about the true nature that God created. People put it down, and exploit God’s creation. And with our bodies, it’s no different.

So many probably won’t change, many will somehow put down what I have to say. God made us this way, good and natural, so no matter how toned or out of shape we may be, whether we have the most attractive breasts or bodies, we were created in God’s eyes and seen as perfect. And appreciation of the natural human body is essential to appreciating not only our naturally created being, but nature as a whole.


Don’t let somebody tell you you’re not perfect and beautiful in your own skin–because you are. Forget what many of these assholes say, man or woman, young or old, no matter what you may look like, your body is good and beautiful, and you are completely welcome to embrace your true self, you’re great the way God made you and we all should be equally able to be our true selves.

You shouldn’t have to care about what others think of your naked body. If you feel comfortable naked, you should have the right to be naked and accepted as you are.

People, something to think about. Everybody and every body should have the right to #BeBareBeProud, if they so choose.


Will 2017 be the year of naturism acceptance?

Bare Thoughts

This will be my first blog where I’m mixing our own photos with public photos. Now I know that’s not my style, but I want to talk with you about something that’s running thru my mind these last couple of weeks. So don’t think I’m making a change in my style or anything. I’m not.

So the thing I want to talk about today, is the fact that I’m noticing lately that simple nudity is getting more normal in our daily lives. From a naked restaurant in London, with a massive waiting list, to a still growing visitors count of sauna’s and spa’s and simple nudity on tv. Where is this change coming from? And should we be happy about it? I don’t have the info about all the stuff that’s happening around the world, so I’m only discussing the things that I noticed in the media these last couple…

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Nudeswimming in Wervershoof

Bare Thoughts

The colder months have begun. Reason for several swimming pools in the Netherlands to open their doors for naturists. And even though the majority of those pools open their doors for us 45 minutes till 2 hours max, it’s still a very welcome extra now temperatures outside are getting lower every week.

It was August 22nd of this year, when I got a message on Twitter from Arnold ( twitter: @NatzwemWF ). He enjoys our blogs and was wondering if we were interested to see how their nudeswimming sundays are. He also gave me the option to display my products from 2Bare2Wear, but because those shops are closing end of this year I didn’t do that. But obviously we were very interested in their moment of freedom in the cold days. So we visited them last Sunday, October 16th.

The nudeswimming in swimming pool ” de Zeehoek ” ( Dutch…

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Chapter 6c: One week vacation

Bare Thoughts

The week has come to an end unfortunately. And what a great week it was. There’s nothing I can enjoy more then spending time with my 2 lovely ladies and the fact that I can do that most of the time in my naked butt, makes it even more perfect. So here’s the final part of chapter 6, with a view of our Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I hope you enjoy.


Our Friday started pretty lazy. And even though we had big plans, not much of it came through. It was around 4pm when we started our work on my daughters new room. Before that it wasn’t more then playing with my daughter in the living room or hanging like a zombie on the couch. It became very clear that we didn’t had enough rest this week by planning so much in so little time.

The first plan was…

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Chapter 6b: One week vacation

Another great blog post, shows we naturists are simply normal people!

Bare Thoughts

Part 2 of this chapter is about the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


The Tuesday started around 8.30am when my daughter woke us up. We had some breakfast together and after that I took some cabinets apart that were still standing in the new room for my daughter. Because we were planning on buying the new floor that day we had to get rid of them because we didn’t have a new purpose for them.

Around 3pm we had a new ultrasound appointment in town to have a look at the baby. Everything looked great, it was moving a lot and already was 5cm big. After the ultrasound we went searching for a new floor, in which we succeeded pretty quick. In the picture above you can see a quick impression of what it’s going to look like. In part 3 of this chapter you will see the end result…

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Breaking the Fear of Public Nudity & Simple Nudity: We’re Not Out to Harm Anyone


Another message for the world. I am a naturist, and proud of it. So why are so many people afraid, repulsed or strewn away for the wrong reasons by those they see casually naked. Why should the sight of the naked body cause somebody to fear someone? That’s really crazy, if you ask me.

Unfortunately, as we all know, thanks to the high money-making porn and sexual industry, has made their earnings by exploiting the naked human body. People don’t want their children, of course, seeing this kind of stuff, and I totally agree. And porn has fallen in too many of the wrong hands. And also unfortunately for us, because of them, just the sight of a casually, non-sexually naked body repulses people. When people link nudity to sex just because one industry has made millions of dollars on body exploitation, people all over start exploiting the body, and we nudists/naturists are rejected and banished. Facebook blocks people as a penalty for the sight of breasts or genitals because of this crazy fear. TV always covers these natural body parts up somehow, whether it’s clever angles with objects in front or blurs.

When kids grow up, most of them love walking and running around the house/yard without clothes on, but then their parents tell them to cover up and stay clothed as they get older. When I was a kid, I used to wake up on the weekends a lot and go in to see my parents who slept naked in bed, and nowadays my mom’s very self-conscious about that. Why are people afraid seriously of the sight of a casually naked body?

PEOPLE—HEAR THIS. Being naked is part of who we are as natural beings in this world. Unless God created you wearing clothes, of course, if that’s how you were born, WHICH NONE OF US WERE. If the reason for your nudity has nothing to do with sex or anything lewd, THERE’S NO REASON TO HIDE IT. If you’re just casually naked outside your house not doing anyone harm, just doing what you’d be doing if you were dressed, it shouldn’t cause a stir or get you arrested. Being who you really are should be promoted, not outlawed. That’s why I believe strongly that public nudity should be made legal—the more people see we nudists/naturists are just normal people like everyone else, the less people will be afraid of simple nudity. People would realize we’re not out to harm them or come on them in any way, if you know what I’m sayin’. Of course we should take care of our hygiene, like everybody else, and keep lewd and sexual behavior out the public eye, like everybody else. BUT LET US BE THE NATURAL US WE ARE—THERE IS NO REASON WHY JUST BECAUSE WE ARE NAKED THAT WE SHOULD BE REJECTED OR FEARED BY THE EVERYDAY PUBLIC. And all bodies should be included in that—we should have the right who we are. Just as Stephen Gough feels comfortable hiking in the buff, just as Rob the carpenter in the UK prefers being naked while working, we should all have the chance to be happy in our own natural skin. The body is part of who we are, and should not be hidden behind artificial coverings—let it live and breathe, just as we let our heads and our hands, let all of your body live and breathe.
That’s also why I praise the efforts of #FreeTheNipple and #FreeThePenis. They’re showing these parts are just everyday parts, not sex objects, and should be free just as we let other parts of our body show without a controversy.

In the end, it’s simple, people. LET US BE US. Yes we’re naked, but that doesn’t mean we’re any different than we’d be if we were wearing clothes. If people want to be casually naked in public, don’t laugh, don’t push them away, don’t ignore them, don’t arrest them. They’re not causing any harm, they’re just being who they naturally are.

Let us be us, people. Think about it. Really think it over, and don’t roll your eyes at this post! REALLY THINK ABOUT IT. WE NUDISTS/NATURISTS ARE JUST EVERYDAY PEOPLE, SO TREAT US LIKE EVERYDAY PEOPLE SHOULD BE TREATED. LET US BE US.

In the meantime, friends, #BeBareBeProud and have a great weekend.


The October Q&A answers part 2

Bare Thoughts

Here it is. Part 2 of the October Q&A. I hope you enjoy!

Question 4: ” What are your future plans for promoting naturism? “

After announcing that my webshops will be closing end of this year, I get this question a lot. And as things are looking now, my blog will be the main area for promoting naturism. The daily visitor count on my blog is still growing, so is my followers list on twitter. So as things are looking now, this blog still is the best place to promote naturism ( online ). There are no new plans for webshops or any other big ideas. Of course a lot of my time is now being invested in my family and the new baby which is coming in the end of April next year. When it comes to real life, not much is going to change when it comes…

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The October Twitter Q&A answers part 1

Bare Thoughts

Last week I had a new Q&A on my Twitteraccount which resulted in 6 questions. I will answer 3 today and 3 tomorrow.

Question 1: ” Were you raised a naturist and if not, at what age did you convert to freedom? “

No, I wasn’t raised a naturist. After being bullied for years as a kid, I found a way to accept myself for who I am. To express that self acceptance and also because a desire to total freedom, with the combination of a wide interest I did some basic research on the internet about naturism. Then I looked for some people online that were willing to take me to a resort, because I couldn’t see myself go on my own for the first time. Luckily I found a lovely couple which became very important to me. This all happened 10 years ago, so I’m experiencing naturism since…

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