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The title pretty much says it all. A blog all about positively promoting nudism/naturism, body acceptance and social nudity, and showing how simply being nude is not porn, sexual or anything shameful.

Good Naked Morning: Embrace Yourself and Let’s Continue to Work Together, #TeamClothingOptional!

Good naked morning, friends! It’s a snowy Saturday here in Northern Michigan, it’s cold for sure, but I’m managing—it’s warm in here, and I’m still nude, at least for the time being. Good news though, I’m goin’ down to the Detroit area this afternoon for a naturist gathering with some old friends.

Anyway, I was just thinking of something that happened earlier this week—I was filming a local high school basketball game, and I came up to interview the coach and talk about the next game, when his little son (probably about six or seven) walked up to me and said, “You sound like a girl.” And I said, “Hey I’ve got a high-pitched voice, bud, I can’t help it.” And the coach backed me up. A lot of times when I answer the phone, people mistake my voice for a woman’s, and I specially have to tell them in this case that I’m a guy.

Believe me, when I was younger, having a high-pitched voice used to bug me. Kids always used to make fun of me in school—one thing though, when I sing, my voice definitely is deeper, but still even through puberty I still have a higher-pitched voice than most men out there. But nowadays, I don’t really care anymore. One thing that has really helped me accept myself, of course, is naturism.

I’m not mad at that little boy, he couldn’t help it, he didn’t know. He’s still learning about life, still growing, believe me I used to be just like him, I used to wonder why people had high-pitched voices and why some people were short.

One thing that really amazes me about some of the different naturists I met is how much they talk about embracing whom you are. One of the best recent examples I can give is Marc, whom we just talked to a couple weeks ago and shared his #YourNudeOnStory with us, and his new hashtag #HappyInUrOwnSkin. If you haven’t already, check it out.


How about our pal Harmen? Not long ago, he wrote a great blog post about how every body is beautiful in the world of naturism, flaws and all…and loving your flaws.

It’s positive words like these from fellow naturists that continue to help drive me in my journey as a naturist and advocate for our great way of life. I gotta admit, around here where I live, as much as I enjoy rural Northern Michigan, it isn’t easy being the naturist I am, especially when the nearest club (2 ½ hours away) is closed for the winter, but it’s interacting with you good people that helps me continue to be the happy naturist I am. We truly do help each other be better people when we share our naturist lives. And that’s also one reason I’m excited to finally get to another social nudist gathering this evening down in Detroit—I’ve got a 4-hour drive ahead of me (prayin’ the weather will cooperate), but it’s going to be fun seeing old friends down that way I haven’t seen in a year.

Hope you have a great day friends, and I hope that if you aren’t naked at the moment that you get some time to be soon. You are all great, #TeamClothingOptional, and I hope my blog posts have helped motivate you on your naturist journey just as many of yours have done for me. We all truly deserve to be happy, nude and beautiful, just as we are, and we are when we are all on the same plain.

‘Til next time, #NudeOn, my friends, and #BeBareBeProud. Hope y’all have a great (hopefully nude) weekend.


David Buck


Why become a nudie

Tha Naked I

947This post will be about giving advice to people who are interested in nudism/naturism, but haven’t really dived into it yet. I hope this article will give them that final nudge and they will try life clothes free. If you are a person like that, go head and read this post to find out all the great things this lifestyle brings, I will try to sum it up in a short manner.

To start things off, I’m assuming that you did some research already about nudism/naturism, so you already know a little about it, and that also got you interested in maybe giving it a try. Well dear reader, you definitely should. There are so many benefits and great things to this lifestyle, so many positives. I will share with you as many as I can, from my point of view, having been a nudist/naturist for about four years soon.

Even though…

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#YourNudeOnStory: Zach’s Story

For this installment of my nudist/naturist profile series #YourNudeOnStory, I had the pleasure of talking recently with Zach, a 31-year-old naturist from Central Florida. I’ve been familiar with him on Twitter for some time, and he’s also got a great Survivor naturist podcast, In The Buff, if you haven’t checked it out yet. Let’s learn about Zach, and his experience with the clothes-free way of life.

Zach, first of all, how long have you been a naturist? I’ve been involved with naturism about 4 years now.

What drew you into naturism in the first place? As a kid (and I don’t recall what sparked the conversation) my dad told me about nudists, groups of people and entire families who just go naked together all the time, although he was speaking from the view of a conservative Christian parent, and presenting it as something that was both weird and wrong. But it stuck with me, mostly because I’ve always been interested and curious about nude bodies. Skip ahead a few years, and I decided to actually do some research on the topic, and I found an event at Haulover Beach, decided to go, and the rest is history.

What reactions did you get when people found out you were a nudist/naturist? Many mixed reactions. I’ve had longtime friends remove me on Facebook, but most have been more accepting, and and ask some questions about it, even if they never try it themselves. Though I’m still trying to figure out how to tell most of my family; it’s a lot similar to “coming out of the closet” I feel, based on the reactions.

What do you enjoy most about losing your clothes? The best part of undressing is the freedom, calm, and comfort, knowing that I can truly be myself in that time, and that it’s OK, and nobody is judging me.

How do you feel your journey has excelled since you’ve made the decision to become part of our great lifestyle? Social nudity has helped me to build my self-esteem and self-confidence, and reshape my perspective. I see beauty in places and people that many don’t, and it’s helped me to treat people like people.

Now I know you’re a big Survivor fan and started your own podcast about the show called In The Buff, what made you decide to start this nude podcast? In The Buff is a project designed to promote normality, to show that naturists have normal interests, so we don’t spend a lot of time actually advocating naturism. We want people to see nudists are real people, bodies are normal things, and we’re part of fandoms just like everyone else.

So what are some of your favorite activities to do in the buff? Camping, swimming, I’ve done nude bowling; just simple things like movie nights are fun too though. Anything with friends.

Do you have any special places you like to go to enjoy yourself in the nude? I know from what I’ve seen how active you’ve been in the naturist community, why don’t you tell me a little about that? Living in central Florida, the obvious answer is Cypress Cove. It’s one of the really nice resorts in the area. But I’m also a member of FYN (Florida Young Naturists), and we have three annual weekend events each year, two at Sunny Sands in Pierson, FL, and one at Lake Como in Lutz, FL. All three resorts are excellent venues and great places for practicing social nudity.

How do you feel sharing your naturist way of life has impacted you and others you know? Outside of the closed-minded, (or “clothes-minded”) people that I don’t have any contact with anymore, I think at the very least it opens up people’s perspectives to where they’re re-considering any pre-conceived notions they had.

And finally, what advice would you give a non-nudist who is curious to try nudism/naturism? Go at your own pace. Spend time naked by yourself first to get used it. Start in small increments and move up to entire days. Sleep nude. Once you’re comfortable with that, look for a local resort, and try to go with a friend.

Thank you Zach, for joining us to share #YourNudeOnStory about being #HappyInUrOwnSkin. Zach has been keeping up throughout the last season of Survivor, and usually puts up a new In The Buff podcast each week during the show–I’m definitely looking forward to hearing his takes on the new season–if you want to check it out, it’s on Twitter @InTheBuff16.

Friends, if you’re interested in sharing #YourNudeOnStory with us, be sure to DM @teamcloptzone on Twitter or Team Clothing Optional on Tumblr, I would love to talk with you about your experience as a naturist to share on our blog, as part of our mission of spreading the positive word about clean, wholesome nudism/naturism and body acceptance. The better we band together as fellow naturists, the stronger we can be about showing the world how natural and truly normal nudism/naturism really is, and in turn I feel it can become more accepted and more people will be willing to join the clothes-free way of life. So #NudeOn friends, together WE ARE #TeamClothingOptional.

Good Naked Morning: Standing Up and Taking Care

Good naked morning, friends!

Boy does it feel good to say that—I haven’t had a free Saturday morning to just wake up and relax in my free, natural glory in quite a while. Both of these last two weekends I’ve been on work projects filming a snow race two weeks ago and an ice fishing celebration last weekend. Good news though, I will be going down to a naturist gathering in a couple weeks to see some friends in the Detroit area, so I’m happy about that.

I’m also happy to finally get some things going with this blog again, finally some things to talk about and I’m relaunching my nudist/naturist profile series, #YourNudeOnStory, my first profile was just this past week, I talked to Marc from England, be sure to check out my last post. I’m looking forward to hopefully some other fellow naturists who might be willing to take part.

A few days ago, I saw a news story about nude carpenter Rob Jenner in England, I’m glad to see he’s finally putting his foot down on his prude neighbors. Isn’t it terrible how furious people can get over just the sight of a naked person? Why do we seriously make a big fuss if somebody happens not to be wearing any clothes or happens to show their breasts, buttocks or genitals in just a casual, non-sexual light? What people really need to learn is how normal we naturists truly are, and that our bodies are just natural parts of life. Another great video I found the other day, which I shared on my social media, depicts a guy telling what he’s not and ending with what he is, and showing in reverse what he’s talking about—starting out naked in the water (the person of nature he truly is, as he mentions at the end), and ending in his office (not the whatever he says about his computer, his office and his boss at the beginning). We need more videos like this—more ways to really show how much simple nudity truly is a normal thing.

Especially in this day in age, a lot of people are looking to take better care of themselves. You see more skin care commercials on TV (even more that target more to the man, which I think is great), and even with food on TV—especially as companies are starting not to use as many chemicals in their foods as before, even though sometimes it doesn’t make the food necessarily healthier, people feel better about what they’re eating, especially when it’s not filled with a lot of artificial chemicals. Well I feel that’s a trend today overall, people want to feel better about themselves. And I feel if we do what we can to raise awareness of wholesome nudism/naturism and constantly fight back against those slamming us with scorn and those trying to exploit us with sex or porn, when people see how natural and normal naturism really is, and how much we are just normal people with all different body types and parts (never a perfect one, like many want us to think), I feel more people might open up to becoming more comfortable in their own skin and join us.

It’s also great to see many of us naturists showing/telling about how every body is beautiful, or promoting body acceptance and finding that through naturism, it’s great to see more people taking strides at that.

Friends, let’s keep the faith—I know we’re on a good path as we show nudism/naturism in a positive manner. Let’s not forget it—I know I definitely won’t, I look forward to hearing some of your stories soon, and I look forward to socializing myself with fellow naturists in a couple weeks I haven’t seen for a while.

Hope y’all have a great Saturday, and #BeBareBeProud, being #HappyInUrOwnSkin.

David Buck

#YourNudeOnStory: Marc’s Story

For the first post in my re-vamping of my #YourNudeOnStory series, we meet Marc, a 30-year-old naturist from England. I’ve been familiar with Marc and his Twitter page for quite some time, and he is the real deal. Living everyday home life in the nude as part of Marc’s mission of showing how being nude is a perfectly normal thing–and how we naturists are just everyday people who feel more comfortable the less we wear. I had the chance to ask Marc some questions about himself and his feelings toward naturism, let’s meet Marc and see what he had to say.

So what made you decide to become a naturist in the first place?
Was easy really, basically I’ve always felt more comfortable naked, ever since I can remember really..

What reactions did you get when people found out you are a naturist?
Most my mates just go except it, my mate who comes over most weekends just says that it’s nothing to even think about about. He often don’t see me as being as naked sometimes

How do you feel your journey as a naturist excelled since you made the decision to become part of this great lifestyle?
Well, I think it’s the one thing that chills me right out, I get stressed at work and coming home and stripping off really relaxes me. I’ve become more excepting of others and allow them to do their own thing..

I see you’ve posted numerous pictures over the years of your naturist life at home, I’m curious to know what intrigued you to start sharing these?
It’s the fact I want people to see that nudity is nothing but nudity. I’m also a larger guy so it’s to show others who are larger not to worry about body weight/image…also, I’m not the biggest and to show that you don’t have to have a penis down to your knees to feel accepted.

What do you enjoy most about being naked? Being me, when I’m naked I’m just me. That’s the thing I love about it…I’m free and stress-free when naked.

What are some of your favorite activities to do in the buff?
Hanging at home, but that’s not a thing to do that’s just living.. but like going the beach and just laying in the sun.. not much into running around, just laying around and soaking up the sun..

Do you have any special places you like to go where you can enjoy yourself and be nude?
We have a local-ish beach down the road but if not, just the garden, I try and get out in the garden as much as I can.

How do you feel sharing your naturist way life has made an impact on you and others you may know? It has made me a much better person and very much more body confident, when I was gaining the weight I did hide away, didn’t take off my top in front of any one, but since public nudity I have now become more able to.

What advice would you give a non-nudist who would be willing to try naturism?
Just to try it once, try and get to your nearest nude beach, try and go with a friend but if not just enjoy yourself naked. Don’t listen to all the old naturists and be told that have to be naked all the time, just live your life naked and enjoy and feel free.

Great job, Marc–I applaud his mission of showing how normal nudists/naturists’ lives truly are, that we are not filthy perverts, but just normal people. I also like the new hashtag he’s started using on his pics, #HappyInUrOwnSkin, I think we could start a trend with this, #TeamClothingOptional! Because we should all deserve the right to truly be happy in our own skin. I appreciate your sharing your story with us Marc, and #BeBareBeProud. Be sure to check out Marc, if you haven’t already, on Twitter @marknudy, Tumblr, and on Instagram. And pass on the hashtag!


Naturists… stand up and unite!

Bare Thoughts

I never intended to write a complete blog about this subject, simply because I wanted to keep this page politics free. However, the things that are happening lately worldwide ( and especially in America ), are beyond politics. And a reason for me to speak out my mind about it. Because I’m getting more and more worried about our future, the future of our children and about humanity today. Also because the things that are happening these last couple of weeks are all things that naturism isn’t about. In today’s blog I’ll try to show these differences to you by using some of the things naturism was based on. Please understand that this blog isn’t an attack to political right, I’m also talking about the things that political left is doing wrong ( in my eyes ). So try to read this as my opinion and my point of view…

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Perversion Is the Audacity to Call Nakedness Evil

Sky Clad Therapist - The Naked Psyche

Adam-or-Eve Adam and Eve – Before the Dawn of Consciousness

As I begin the process of writing my poems for book three, I find myself thinking, almost obsessively, about all the implications of the images and the poems. It all begins with Adam and Eve. In this post, I want to highlight the fact of being born naked, being created in the Creator’s image.

“So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them.” [Genesis 1:27]

We know that they were created without clothing, a fact that is reinforced with the birth of every human being since the first man and woman. No one questions this fact, even those most angry and upset about the naked human body. If one is to “believe” these words from the bible, then the “image” of God is not restricted to the male…

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Good Naked Morning: Think Like Our Furry Friends & Lite C-in-C talk

Good naked morning, friends!

Another weekend is finally upon us–for me, it’s still getting over a headache I’ve had since late last night when I got home after a 2-hour drive on work assignment. Anyway, took some Ibuprofen for my headache, and hopefully all will be hunkadory before long. Anyway, it’s great to have one final weekend before work keeps me busy almost every day for the next two weeks.

I’ve come to really take in any time I can to relax, especially when I have busy times ahead of me. Even if it’s only for a few minutes, soak it in because it could be your last. So of course this morning, as I do have a free weekend and got back late last night, I don’t have much plans today but to relax, at least for a few hours in my preferred, comfy, bare attire.

So friends, we here in America have a new president in office. And tell you the truth, I think I’ll be OK with the Donald–he’s not my first choice for President, I’ve had mixed feelings about him, but some of his points are good, I wish sometimes he’d watch his mouth but otherwise I’m coming to accept him as our new Commander in Chief. I think it’s ridiculous how so many protested violently against the inauguration or wanted to boycott it–these protests are only going to result in extra madness, and if we are going to, like Donald says, “Make America Great Again”, the madness needs to stop–people can’t embark into violence or hate speech just because they’re not getting their way. He’s the new president, so sorry protestors if I hurt your feelings but we might as well all accept it because he is our President now. I think we’ll be alright–I do hope he will keep our interests in mind as nudists, either way I’ll be able to live through it. At least I think he’d do better in office than some…like the mastermind behind “that popular social media site we all know can’t stand the sight of human flesh”, if you know what I mean.

So anyway friends, yes it’s still cold but I’ve come to take it in. In a couple weeks is our big ice fishing sturgeon jamboree up here, plus throughout this next week, I’ll be at a big film festival doing some filming and some snow racing–it’s going to be interesting. In the meantime, while I’m home I still get naked whenever I can. And you know what, friends? I was just thinking–I was browsing through my Twitter feed like I do every morning in the buff before I get ready for work, and I happened to stumble across a pic of a few of the Warwick Rower guys playin’ with dogs (nude, of course), and I thought it was just a great picture (and no, I’m not gay), and it could have another point to it. Isn’t it great how most dogs (and just plain much of the animal kingdom, for that matter) don’t have to worry about dressing to impress? And that picture just made me light up because c’mon, if they don’t have to worry about dressing to impress, than why should we? I just think nudists hanging out with pets is great because it just shows if we think about it we are all on the same level. Most pets are naked (unless WE dress them, of course), so do you think your cat or dog would really care if you were nude? I didn’t think so–if they’re nudists as they are, there’s no reason why we can’t be the nude selves we are.

I think it would be great to start a campaign about that, if you ask me. Maybe start a photo collage or something to show nudists and pets together, I don’t know, what do you think? I don’t have a pet, but someday I’d like to have one, and I know they wouldn’t care. Seriously, we could do something about this–raising awareness about nudism, and illustrating it through the help of our pet sidekicks. Any ideas, people?

‘Til then, friends I hope you have a great week, and we should think a little more like our dogs and cats and learn from them, especially when it comes to comfort. #BeBareBeProud

Talk to y’all soon,
David Buck

My bare thoughts about

Bare Thoughts

I mentioned in several blogs, but never really gave you more info about it. I will try to do that by sharing my personal experiences. After 40+ blogs you probably know what kind of guy I am as human being and as naturist. I hope sharing my personal experiences will help you with the decision of becoming a ( paid or free ) member. offers a lot of things for their members: a safe environment for their members, a chat room, several blogs, a forum, a place to share events, a timeline that looks a bit like Facebook, sharing photos, etc. It’s a safe environment for several reasons. One of them is that you can only become a member if your profile picture includes your face. I think they check with reversed image search if it’s legit. When they think it’s legit, you get an email where you…

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